Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snodgress Reunion

It was Beautiful weather this year!!

The Zip-lining was a blast for all the kids.
We did all the usual things- painted a rock, colored a quilt square, ate good food, played horseshoes, and chatted a lot. 
Rick and Joey were the winners of the horseshoe tournament. I got two Ringers but neither of them counted. Apparently, Tyson and I could only get Ringers when the other got one, therefore cancelling the other's out.
I wasn't very good about taking pictures this year, but a got a few of the best.

 Lizzie fell asleep in Grandma Lizzie's arms.

Lincoln was getting at least five teeth all at once this last weekend- he was pretty miserable and attached to my hip the entire time but he still managed to have his happy moments.
Lincoln loved camping and loved the empty tent!!
Rick and I have decided we need to invest in a bigger tent for next year.

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Kelly said...

Aaah! Your kids are getting too huge! Please tell them to "freeze"!