Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Going Ons

So, I'm thinking I may Not be cut out for long distance runs. My knees aren't taking it well at all. I've never had great joints but this long distance running has taken it to the next level of pain for my knees. I've been taking some vitamins that help but not enough. It bums me out but it's life and it doesn't mean I can't continue to do the other forms of exercise that I enjoy. I'm thinking after my relay, it will be back to my free-running I enjoy, that doesn't mess up my knees. I will also be excited to get back to my cardio workouts, free-weights and injury-free-volleyball that I love. 

Good News though- I went for an Early Morning Run! I never thought I'd be able to drag myself out of bed at the crack of dawn and do it but I did. It was Nice. There are So many things I enjoy about early mornings- I enjoyed them much more frequently before I had kids though. I ran the seven miles in the fresh morning air and returned to my favorite trail run in the area.

If anyone knows a good vitamin to help with my knees- I'm all ears!! Right now, I've been taking glucosamine vitamins to help with them.

Also, something that has decided to become a nuisance in my life is the little red car I've had for the last...well, since I was eighteen- don't do the math. I finally talked Rick into trying to fix it for me instead of letting it rust it's life away in the orchard. So, he did. We had it running for a week before it decided to kill over once more. How many lives does this car have?! Well, it's looking like it may be the last life for this one. We'll find out for sure tomorrow. Rick and I did some car shopping this last weekend just in case. I don't know much about cars so it's actually been kind of stressful.

And then there's the little going ons around the house- doing home-made pore strips and face masks which kind of turned into a form of torture for us all...I can't believe I'm posting these pictures but there you have it.

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