Monday, November 25, 2013


I'm posting this on my blog because I can be kind of a private person, and although I loved reading other facts on facebook, I can't bring myself to post this on, for those that read my blog 8 things about me:
1-I'm 28 yrs old and I still don't know how to whistle. On several occasions, Rick has tried to teach me, which always end in chuckling and bursts of laughter. I'm sure I look ridiculous trying
2-I also can't make myself go cross-eyed to save my life. I've tried but it makes my eyes water and hurt
3-I may be the most ticklish person alive and in all the weirdest places
4-I am extremely hard on myself and I care what people think about me-I wish I didn't.
5-I'm not easily offended and therefore think others aren't either. This gets me into trouble. I end up sticking my foot in my mouth much too often.
6-when I was younger, I didn't like babies and obnoxious kids but pretended to like them in hopes it would change my mind because I always wanted a big family. I think my dislike stemmed from a traumatic babysitting incident
7-I used to work at the hospital and I loved job now, I love even more!!!
8-I love learning about the body and the way it works-It's fascinating to me

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween 2013
 Penny's costume for the earlier Trunk-or-Treat at my sister's ward- A little ghost

 and Now for the real traditional Trick-or-Treating...

     this is the same costume Lizzie wore for her first Halloween but it seems Penny is our chunky baby and so we had to do some compromising with the costume
 Our Giraffe wearing bunny slippers...It worked for us, she looks cute in anything. In the background, You can kinda see how we decorated the front door-spiderwebs hanging above, carved pumpkins on either side of the pillars and a whole graveyard with our awesome grim reaper standing guard to the right. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of those or our pumpkin this year-slacker mom!
Yea, I painted this and we made it's eyes out of wax and attached glowing lights to the back so they glowed through. It was Rick's idea to use wax for the eyes and he did a pretty awesome job making the robe and hood. We won first Prize for it! Awesome, right?!

Lizzie likes to challenge my talents each year by picking a character that requires my not-so-great sewing skills. But it turned out and she was the cutest Toadette of all time. Best costume in her class.
Rick put my artistic skills to use as well with the shirt I painted him in order to tie in his whole costume. It was fun and I was happy to do it especially since Rick doesn't usually dress up.
It was an excellent Halloween and Lizzie tells me to get ready for next Halloween already planning her next costume.
   I also came up with a new oatmeal raisin (or chocolate chip) cookie recipe that I'm particularly proud of. It requires no butter or shortening and has better more nutritious, healthy ingredients. They come out sweet, soft, chewy and delicious. I love feeding my kids healthy treats!!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

8 years going on Eternity

The 29th was my eight year mark of the best eight years of my life. Rick and I were married and sealed to each other 8 years ago in the Salt Lake Temple and I've never looked back since. He is my best friend and the best decision I have ever made. I'm not going to say that it's been easy every step of the way. We've had rough patches like any relationship but we've worked through them and focused on the positive and it's been totally worth it. Three beautiful children later and we are still happy and going strong. I love Rick more now than ever and I'm happy to be his wife.