Saturday, January 30, 2010

The closer it gets, the more excited I get

Valentines Day? I was wondering what Valentines day was all about and I decided to do a little researching. I just love the mystery of it all. The stories are heartbreaking, fascinating, and wonderful. There couldn't be any greater, bitter-sweet tales to go with a more bitter-sweet holiday. Saint Valentine risking his life for those who were in love and wanted nothing more than to marry, solidifying their choice in one another. 
Or Valentine being thrown into prison, only to fall in love with the jailers daughter. In his last attempts to share his true feelings to the woman he loved, before execution, he writes a letter and signs, From your Valentine. *sigh*  Saint Valentine must had been courageous, heroic and romantic and therefore I will continue to celebrate Valentines day, if not for the boxes of chocolates and bundles of flowers, than for LOVE itself.

Most of my friends despised and dreaded Valentines day in our single days, but for me, I never got the chance to wallow in self pity and feel the sting of desolation. I only seemed to feel the sting of Cupid's arrow. I always seemed to have a guy show up on my door step when Valentines day rolled around whether I was hoping for it or not. 
First, there was Travis T. The whole first valentines was awkward and honestly, dreaded. Its something I'd much rather forget. Then there was Travis V. (what with the Travis', you say? I don't know) This Travis was cute and sweet enough to steal my first kiss. On VALENTINES day, nonetheless:)
Now I'll skip over a year or so and tell you of when I meet my true Valentine. Rick and I had our first date in February. I didn't know at the time that he would become my one true love so I agreed to have Valentines dinner with Luke, only to have Rick in the back of mind the entire night. Now I have Rick on my mind always. So I can't complain about Cupid. He eventually got it right. It just took him a few tries:)
I am very much in love with Rick and happy to be. He is my Valentine for years to come and he is my best friend, quite literally the man of my dreams and the love of my life. I'm so happy to have him by my side for all eternity. There is no better gift than to know that that will never change.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Yay! I got to talk to Cami today. She flew out to Argentina today and had some time to call us while waiting for her next flight. I forgot how much I really missed her until I heard her voice. I'd probably be better off not having talked to her at all but I don't mind hurting for her. It was worth it. I'm so excited for Cami and a little jealous. I love my sisters so very much. I'm so grateful to have married into such a wonderful family and even more excited about having more sisters. All of them have a special place in my heart and that can never change. I would do anything for any of them. well, enough of the mushy stuff!
Love You Girls!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, Lizzie went to nursery for the first time yesterday, which was bitter-sweet for me but just sweet for Rick of course. She did so good and she had so much fun.Rick stayed with her the whole time but there was no need. It was purely for his own enjoyment. She watched all the other kids so closely and she loved the play kitchen set they had there. She would fill up her pan under the facet and then pretend to take a big Gulp and say, "AHH!", after wards as if she just received the most refreshing drink ever. I can't believe my baby girl is growing up so fast.
Not only did she go to Nursery for the first time but she got her first hair cut as well. I just trimmed her bangs a little. The poor girl kept blinking and rubbing her eyes because she had some random long hairs that were just long enough to curl up and stick her right in the eyes from time to time. Besides that, no other hairs were touched.

There has also been a few occasions where me and Rick have had objects go M.I.A. I spent a few hours looking for my tennis shoes the other day and finally gave up and wore a different pair. The next day I went to pull a pan out of my cupboard and found both tennis shoes sitting there.
Then Rick's phone goes M.I.A. and a couple days later. I find it in the dryer with our mail. Do we have a ghost? No. We have a Lizzie. And we couldn't love her more.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Thinking

I've had a couple of days now where I just can't stop thinking about friends that inspired me to live they way I do or that took me in a direction in life that brought me to where I am today. I was so blessed to have such wonderful friends when I was younger. I learned so much from all of them and now I see myself traveling on a journey through life that continues to fill with so many new and wonderful friends. I wouldn't be the person I am if it weren't for them and I just can't help but appreciate their friendship. Thanks to all my friends.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Twice in 2 days

For those of you who noticed my post on facebook; I felt I needed to explain myself-I'm not a bad person. Although being pulled over twice in two days makes me feel like a criminal of some sort. First off, my car needed to be reregistered since November and believe me I've been trying to but they had some mix up with the address change and I didn't get the paper in the mail and its just such an incovenience to drive out to the DMV. So I was waiting, which I explained to the first cute cop that pulled me over last night. He was forgiving and let me go after asking me to take care of that asap, even if it meant going to the DMV. So I promised him I would for sure right after giving him a big kiss (okay, I didn't really give him a kiss) No man is worth kissing if he's not cuter than Rick. Don't get me wrong, he was cute just not cuter than Rick- blondes really aren't my type. So, I take my car and get the oil change and safety inspection this morning and they were able to register my car there which was a plus. So, I'm feeling good right about then. My car is vaccumed out. I had a nice chat with the cute guy at the auto shop (I love that I'm surrounded by cute guys- I should go out more) FYI- Brittany, that make 2 guys I have lined up for you when your ready. Then Lizzies favorite song comes on the radio and we both get excited. I crank that baby up and were jamming out in the car, and UH-OH! (Lizzie's words) I didn't see the school zone lights flashing. I was going the speed limit just not the speed limit when the lights are flashing. When I did see the lights flashing because they have two of them. It was too late. This cop was not so cute, the handle bar mustache just doesn't do it for me. So we had a nice chat about this being the second time I was pulled over and I had all my information for him sitting on my front seat and he was kind enough to let me off with a written warning. I apologized and thanked over and over again. And if it wasn't totally inappropriate I would've given him a hug. I think it helped that Lizzie was being totally cute in the back seat.
Okay, just so you all know I am not lucky! If I had been pulled over in 2009, I would be paying money for two blasted tickets that I felt sick over. But it's 2010 and I think this is going to be a very good year for me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Gathering or the Nuts!

The gathering of the nuts was today. Actually, we just got back and cleaned up. The gathering of the nuts is something we do every year. My grandpa has everyone over to his house to shake his trees and gather as many nuts as we can. Although, when my dad's side of the family gets together, it just as well be a gathering of a bunch of "Nuts".

If you look closely, Rick is in the tree. He was one of our monkeys.

Elizabeth loved playing with her cousins and in the dirt. She was covered with dust from head to toe but I would have to say that her most favorite part was when she got to drive the tractor with great grandpa. The look of excitement in her eyes and glow of desire to man the big round steering wheel; she was in heaven. It was just about the cutest thing I've seen. Now I can look forward to shelling a lot of nuts. What a fun day its been!

Too much Fun.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Latest News!

The latest news is Rick still has his job and it continues to hang in there, which is fine by me. I found out that my Grandpa Sanchez has a twenty percent chance of living. I don't think any of us really understood the seriousness of the situation until now.  For those of you who don't know, my grandpa has cancer. They found a tumor the size of a golf ball on his heart and soon discovered many more lumps on the inside of his body and they will start him on a low dose of Chemo tomorrow. They say surgery is not an option and the full dose of chemo will be sure to kill him. I've been wondering more and more lately whether I'll get a chance to see him again. Thankfully I know I will some day no matter what. I would like him to know that I'm thinking of him and praying for him. My visits with my grandpa have been few and far between but I would still like him to know that I love him. This year so far as been filled with, already so many different emotions and turns of events, But I am thrilled to see what this year has in store for me and my family. I am looking forward with a full heart and an open mind.

On a more humorous note, Elizabeth has been coming up with new ways of doing just about everything. I'm going to call it her "experimental stage".
She trys puting things on herself and in different ways.

This is her LEGO box

Which can be used as a hat.

Or a chair. But NOT a trampoline, which she discovered after bouncing her cute little bum on it until it POPPED! With some shock and surprise, Lizzie found she would never try that again.

She would however try out the basketball...

and Yes, the box of tampons.

She loves to try on mommy's clothes. This is my tank top, the second one she's tried on. we had to tie it behind her neck to fit.
Now, I know this may seem a tad weird (this next picture) only because they are my underwear, but I couldn't resist. She makes me laugh on a daily basis.
She's crying in the picture because after trying on the underwear she had locked herself in our bedroom and this is how we had found her.

The End!

P.S. Elizabeth said her own prayer yesterday. Now, to me it was just gibberish, but I'm betting Heavenly Father heard every word.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

This new years eve we spent it together just the three of us and we had a blast. We did our favorite things- watched a movie then some shark week and dirty jobs combined with some of the office. We had some ice cream, chips and dip and the goodies. Rick and I have become puzzle addicts. We did one 750 piece puzzle that took us into the next day and since then we've done three more. I have to admit its not easy doing a puzzle with a little Lizzie starving for attention. She can't stand it when mom and dad are so focused on tiny pieces of cardboard. She would come steal a few pieces off the table and run away with them like it was a game to get us to leave the table and chase after her. So much fun! I love my family.

Aren't they cute?! Happy New Year Everyone!
P.S. I want to hear eveyone's new years resolutions.