Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

This new years eve we spent it together just the three of us and we had a blast. We did our favorite things- watched a movie then some shark week and dirty jobs combined with some of the office. We had some ice cream, chips and dip and the goodies. Rick and I have become puzzle addicts. We did one 750 piece puzzle that took us into the next day and since then we've done three more. I have to admit its not easy doing a puzzle with a little Lizzie starving for attention. She can't stand it when mom and dad are so focused on tiny pieces of cardboard. She would come steal a few pieces off the table and run away with them like it was a game to get us to leave the table and chase after her. So much fun! I love my family.

Aren't they cute?! Happy New Year Everyone!
P.S. I want to hear eveyone's new years resolutions.


Kelly said...

So cute! I love your puzzle. We did glitter Batman puzzle, Miss Piggy puzzle (of course), and the kids did the Barney puzzle. We also played Clue, Rack-O, and Pirate Dice. We missed you guys.

And my New Year's resolution is:
just to survive.

Rae said...

Oh, I wish we'd been hanging out with you guys, too, doing puzzles. :) Phill is REALLY good at them. I'm terrible.

Rae said...

And my "resolution" or focus word for this year is....BALANCE.