Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, Lizzie went to nursery for the first time yesterday, which was bitter-sweet for me but just sweet for Rick of course. She did so good and she had so much fun.Rick stayed with her the whole time but there was no need. It was purely for his own enjoyment. She watched all the other kids so closely and she loved the play kitchen set they had there. She would fill up her pan under the facet and then pretend to take a big Gulp and say, "AHH!", after wards as if she just received the most refreshing drink ever. I can't believe my baby girl is growing up so fast.
Not only did she go to Nursery for the first time but she got her first hair cut as well. I just trimmed her bangs a little. The poor girl kept blinking and rubbing her eyes because she had some random long hairs that were just long enough to curl up and stick her right in the eyes from time to time. Besides that, no other hairs were touched.

There has also been a few occasions where me and Rick have had objects go M.I.A. I spent a few hours looking for my tennis shoes the other day and finally gave up and wore a different pair. The next day I went to pull a pan out of my cupboard and found both tennis shoes sitting there.
Then Rick's phone goes M.I.A. and a couple days later. I find it in the dryer with our mail. Do we have a ghost? No. We have a Lizzie. And we couldn't love her more.


Kelly said...

Oh--so funny! I love your tiny ghost. My heart is breaking a little though... I wish I could see her grow up every day--like I planned!!! :/

LuLu said...

HAHAHHA! I found a partially-eaten apple in our clean, put-away-in-the-cupboard crock-pot a few days ago....and it had obviously been there for a LONG time.

Jamie Hunt said...

Kids do the darndest things! Those stories are so cute! I love you shay!

*Clint & Rach Talbot* said...

That is too funny!!! Gotta love those little ones!! Hey what is your email and Ill add you to my blog!! I love this blogging world. Facebook it to me!