Saturday, September 29, 2012

Umm...I don't know, MORE whatever

I got myself a hair cut!...I went to a place a few weeks ago and left with exactly the same hair style. She didn't do what I wanted-so frustrating. I don't know how many times this has happened to me, so I was tired of it. I went somewhere else to someone I knew and got it done right. I paid more but it was worth it! I got some thicker side bangs and cut off about four to five inches then layered it. I'm a happy girl now and less likely to be strangled by my own hair at night- I don't know how Rapunzel slept at night?!
 Sorry! These were the best pictures I had after the hair cut. This was one Lizzie took of me before leaving for volleyball. I had my hair straightened that day

 curled it here and sent a pic to my friend who cut it. She wanted to see how it'd look curled.

As for my kids, Lizzie wants to chop her hair off and I want her to grow it out. Rick does too so he continues to talk her into having long hair like Rapunzel on Tangled, but it may not last for too much longer. She mostly can't stand the bangs that get in her face and she doesn't like to keep clips in her hair that hold them out of her eyes-tough life full of tough decisions ;)

Lincoln still has his adorable curls in the back of his head that I can't bare to part with yet. He's not too far off a mullet but I just can't cut them. Cutting his sweet baby hairs would be like leaving a part of his baby-ness behind. I just can't!! Rick mentions to me almost daily about cutting it...I refuse!

I realize this post is a bit blah, so some more Tid Bits
Lizzie is such a good helper for me (most days), she has sass that overpowers from time to time but also shows in some of her most adorable and fun-loving characteristics. She is a dramatic, bossy, cuddly, vibrant, girly full of BUBBLE POWER! She can put people in bubbles...It's quite the trick.
I don't have a picture of Lizzie for this blog but she wears her purple tulle dress every day with her butterfly blanket made into a cape and I will have to get a picture the next time she puts it on :)

Lincoln loves his sister, follows her around, watches so carefully, and  replicates just about everything she does only he takes her most adventurous steps one step further. He is a climber, dare devil, without a fear in the world (except people-go figure) and absolutely no thought of a consequence following. He is FUNNY! Not only does he make me laugh all the time, he laughs all the time (aside from times of teething and when he's hungry). I could just watch him for hours when he's playing. He's entertaining and has the most contagious smile, especially with a funny, chipped tooth.

He says words, but a lot of the time, he won't do it on command and sometimes they all sound the same
"Cheese!" for the camera. He really knows how to cheese it up

"Ball!" his most understood word and the one he says all the time and sometimes just to say it-I've caught him singing about balls on a few occasions.
Some more- "Doll, Hi, Hot(which actually sounds like Hah). He makes the sounds for peek-a-boo. He blows sideways kisses good night and straight forward waves good bye. You'd just have to see it, to really understand I suppose.

I never thought that having two kids could be SO much fun!

Friday, September 21, 2012

These Days...

Hey Everyone! I still don't have more pictures of the Relay but when I get them I will be sure to post for life at home, it's the little things that make a difference. One day it could be Lincoln planting a big kiss on me or one more joke told from the hilarious Lizzie.
 I had a rough day yesterday. I was tired and exhausted and the combination makes me irritable, much less patient with my children and down right grumpy! I hate days like that which is why I have chosen to make this day all about the little things.
I stopped to listen to Lizzie and her psychotic dreams (no, she doesn't watch scary movies-I've banned them from my home, but she does have quite the imagination) and as I was listening, I noticed her dramatic hand gestures and the great detail she was going into describing all the little things and then what made it even more interesting was when Lincoln began to spat off his gibberish while Lizzie continued. I grabbed my camera within seconds. I really wanted to post the videos but they aren't working, so maybe later

 I have a load of stories, I like to write them down so that from time to time, I can go back and read them. So, I'll share a few:

Lizzie yelled to her aunt BB from the bottom of the stairs, “Sorry BB!” I said, “No, you go say sorry to her FACE and give her a hug” and Lizzie turned to me and said, “But mom, I pulled her hair!”

So this morning, I made Mac&Cheese for Lizzie for breakfast because she wanted it-some days I just don't fight it ;)
So, I had completed something with the meal and I turned to my children sitting in the high stools and said Tada!! And then began to bow in front of them and they just stared at me with quizzical looks so I said, you're supposed to clap?! They humored me and began clapping and so I bowed again a couple of times and then Lizzie says "here's your prize!" holding out her one gloved hand along with the bare one and the imaginary prize cupped in both. I took it and began shouting Yay and waving it around above my head. She stops me and says, “you have to open it!”
I pretend to open it and then do the same cheer and wave and she says, “Mom it's a narble!”- What the heck is a Narble?! Do you mean Marble??
“YEAH, a Narble!”

Okay, another...Lizzie says to me there's a pancake in the sink. I look over, no there's not.
“Yes huh! Right there!” …I look over again
No, there's not!
I finish making the Mac&Cheese and then dish it up for her and Lincoln- Lincoln immediately puts his hand in the bowl and gets cheesy stuff on it- he says, “HAaa hAaa!” (all breathy like, his way of saying "hot") and then he holds his hand out for me to clean it off. I grab a rag and put it in between both Lizzie and him to use for their hands- (Both my kids are kinda weird and like to have their hands clean when they eat-I wonder where they get that? *Cough, look away*) Lizzie exclaims, “That’s the pancake mom!” That’s not a pancake! Who told you that?
“Calley!” She responds.
 Who's Calley?
“She’s sitting right there!”

Lizzie and her imaginary friends, telling her that rags are pancakes ....I don't know.  By the way, for those that  follow up on my blog and know of Wallace- Yes! He still exists; hangs out in the closets most often these days. He’s happy there.

We were waiting for my mom to get back yesterday before we left for volleyball, so we're hanging out. I was doing some things on the computer and Lizzie was waiting impatiently upstairs. She races downstairs to me after maybe twenty minutes of waiting. She says to me, “Mom, I think my heart is telling me that grandma is here.”
I say your heart is telling you this? “Yes, I think my heart is telling me that grandma is here!!”
I say, well then, let’s go see-grandma wasn't there yet.
She says to me, “I guess not!” I say, she must be close though, if your heart is telling you so and she was very close. She pulled into the driveway soon after.

Lizzie is all the time trying to negotiate with me; this is one that happens more frequently.
Lizzie says to me as she walks out of the bathroom, “maybe I wash my hands tomorrow?!” This always ends with me saying no, maybe you wash them right now J Today she came back with the excuse, but I was wearing my glove!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RRR-Part 1

I completed the task, my goal accomplished and it felt great-okay, maybe not while I was running, but definitely after. 
The RRR (Red Rock Relay) was awesome! It helped that I was with a great group of people-Karen, Connaday, Shiloh, Karissa,Tammy, Aaron, Isaac, Luke, Cody, Matt, and Derek. 
I had the time of my life, vomit included.

This whole thing has been a great learning experience for me and I'll never forget it. I told Rick and myself that it would be the only relay I'll ever do, but I changed my mind. I may just be a relay-er for Life!

I've learned techniques to running that I may never had, had I not done this. I learned to take better care of myself and how to be more aware of my body and it's needs. I learned it helps to drink chocolate milk after you run, what music to listen to, how to stay mentally focused, how to breathe, how to put on weight, how to squat over a port-a-potty seat when you feel like your legs might just collapse underneath you and So much more.

Like I said, it helped to have such an awesome team-motivating, skilled HILARIOUS, and overall just FAN-freakin-TASTIC!!
I had awesome support from my family, parents, and friends.
Now, this is part 1 because I still haven't recieved a lot of the pictures we were able to take on the trip but here's a few of what I do have until Part 2

 These aren't the shoes I ran with but I took them for motivation-My Lizzie and some family signed and colored them. I had planned to run at least one leg with them on but I got too comfortable with my regular running shoes.

To be Continued...