Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RRR-Part 1

I completed the task, my goal accomplished and it felt great-okay, maybe not while I was running, but definitely after. 
The RRR (Red Rock Relay) was awesome! It helped that I was with a great group of people-Karen, Connaday, Shiloh, Karissa,Tammy, Aaron, Isaac, Luke, Cody, Matt, and Derek. 
I had the time of my life, vomit included.

This whole thing has been a great learning experience for me and I'll never forget it. I told Rick and myself that it would be the only relay I'll ever do, but I changed my mind. I may just be a relay-er for Life!

I've learned techniques to running that I may never had, had I not done this. I learned to take better care of myself and how to be more aware of my body and it's needs. I learned it helps to drink chocolate milk after you run, what music to listen to, how to stay mentally focused, how to breathe, how to put on weight, how to squat over a port-a-potty seat when you feel like your legs might just collapse underneath you and So much more.

Like I said, it helped to have such an awesome team-motivating, skilled HILARIOUS, and overall just FAN-freakin-TASTIC!!
I had awesome support from my family, parents, and friends.
Now, this is part 1 because I still haven't recieved a lot of the pictures we were able to take on the trip but here's a few of what I do have until Part 2

 These aren't the shoes I ran with but I took them for motivation-My Lizzie and some family signed and colored them. I had planned to run at least one leg with them on but I got too comfortable with my regular running shoes.

To be Continued...


Kelly said...

I knew it! Cool people love running, am I right? LOL. RRR is an amazing experience that feels like death but makes you love life when it's over! :)
I am so proud of you Shay. I want to see pictures!!!

Rae said...

I think I need to try this...