Monday, January 23, 2012

First Snow of the year!

We woke this morning to see this outside!
 Lizzie gasped at the sight and said, "Mom, It's so Beautiful!"
Then she continued to stare out the kitchen window for a good 20 minutes before turning to me and saying, " I really want to go outside". So, that is exactly what we did.
First, we made snow angels. Unfortunately , for me there was a price to pay- Hidden horse crap.

There was Nothing but Happy Faces...

And a lot of Snow balls. Let's play a game!? It's called spot the snow ball in the picture

We also made a little visit to the horses

and Lincoln kept a close eye on the Rooster

Lizzie, on the other hand continued to throw snow balls at anything that moved, including the rooster.
 We took full advantage of the first little bit of snow of the Year in St. George and had a blast while doing it (horse crap included).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Love this man!

My Handy Man!! Isn't he cute...

And to add to that...A Fabulous Father!

It's late...but what the heck

Our home-made presents this year!
1) Lizzie got a princess canopy made from a lamp shade and scraps of fabric I've had sitting around for years. What I love most about it is that it's held on by buttons, therefore it's removable so it can be cleaned! That and it cost dirt cheap! 2) Her daddy spoiled her with his talent of craftsmanship and made her her very own drawing table with the top that opens up and stores all her drawing supplies. And then the simple little things like bedding for her dolls- also dirt cheap made from leftover scraps.
These are just the things we got pictures of, I managed to make an afghan for my brother and his new wife. A skirt for Lizzie made from one of my old church skirts as well as a Tutu shown in our Christmas family photos. We made all sorts of Christmas crafts this year, me and the kids. A variety of ornaments that were given to family and I made our Christmas ornaments for this year.

YAY! For saving Money! And having So much fun in the process!