Thursday, December 6, 2012

The things my children say CONTINUED

This morning, Lizzie strolled out while I was checking something on the computer and I caught a sniff of her breath. "PEEW, Someone's got bad breath. Can you go brush your teeth..she cuts me off with a howl "I JUST BRUSHED them tomorrow?..last morn...trailing off with fake tears as she stomped away to her room. Moments later, I hear her state disgruntled to herself, "we don't brush our teeth, we eat!"

Lizzie says to me, what does Red mean?
Me-What does bread/bred mean? means bread that you eat or animals…
Lizzie cuts me off, No! Red means stop
Me- Oh Red?! (laughing to myself at the obvious mistake I made. I should’ve known my daughter would be quizzing me on the things she knows. It’s not like it wasn’t obvious we were stopped at a red light)..yeah, Red means stop
Lizzie- let’s try again…

The radio was playing and a similar song came on. Lizzie always shouts out the songs she knows. She associates them with the dance game that her and her aunt Brooklynne play together and Brooklynne always shows her music videos of her favorite songs. (Not something I’m particularly fond about but 99% of the time there hasn’t been a problem) This song was playing and is actually one I like as well. I shouted out this is brookes favorite song
Lizzie-yeah, the man is naked, but the woman is not!(referring to the music video)
My initial response was surprise until I remembered myself what the music video was. For those that haven’t seen it. It’s not as bad as it sounds, trust me, but it still makes me think twice. Kids are so observant.

Lizzie saw the toy doll in the store; the one that is just a head in order for girls to play with the dolls hair. We passed by it and I hadn’t thought much about it until lizzie says, “Man, that’s creepy! She POPS she’s head off!”

I like when lizzie tries to explain her ailments to me using her medical terms. You’re all familiar with the “Tankaroo Bruise”. This time, she told me she had a headache in her throat.

Lizzie was bored one day when all we were doing was cleaning. Brooke had to clean her room and lizzie had already finished cleaning hers. She was asking to do anything. Let’s go to town. My mom said, not yet, bb’s still cleaning.  She came to me, mom, when are we going to town? 2 minutes?
Me-no, probably not for a couple hours, Grandma is making bb clean her room and it was a disaster.
Lizzie- 5 minutes?
Me-No not until bb is all done.
Lizzie-why does everyone keep telling me that?!

The other night, lizzie was in search of some jammies but she couldn’t find the bottoms to her top. She grabbed her ballerina tutu and said, “mom, Can we just pretend this is jammies?”
Lizzie got a tattoo in her Halloween candy and she wanted to put it on. I told her, okay, I’ll let you this time but you know I don’t like them, Our bodies are a temple. She then went to show grandma and came back to me. “Grandma says tootoo’s (tattoos) are bad.”  Yeah, we don’t like tattoos, they hurt your pretty skin, but it doesn’t mean the people that have them are bad. It was a perfect lesson opportunity.

We all went to help my brother and his wife stucco their house. We pulled up and Lizzie says, “what are they doing?”
Me-they are putting stucco on his house. It’s supposed to make it all smooth and pretty so they can paint it after.
Lizzie-you know what they oughta do? They should put sprinkles on it. That’d make it real pretty.”

I get after lizzie from time to time when she has a potty mishap (usually cause she’s too busy playing, she peeps a little in her panties). The other day, I must’ve been feeling generous, because she had a potty mishap and all I said, was, “well, you better hurry and take care of it.” (in my nice voice).
Lizzie was waiting on the toilet and I went in and said, what’s taking so long? You clean yourself up?
Lizzie pauses and looks up at me with a quizzical look, “mom, you’re not mad at me?!”

Grandpa was playing with Lincoln the other day and making him laugh a lot. Lizzie sat back and watched. When the laughter had paused, she smiled at grandpa and said, “grandpa, you’re so cute in the world!”

Lizzie spotted a pregnant woman literally huge and waddling around and lizzie says to me, “I think she can’t walk about her baby.”

Lizzie’s been doing this thing where she intentionally ignores me when I ask her to stop, it usually leads to timeouts and me exclaiming, “How many times have I told you not to do that?!” …Which then gets the response from lizzie, “ 1, 2,3,4,5 counting on her fingers just how many times.” Which is usually too many.

Lizzie is always the first to answer the phone or the door,she doesn’t do it as much now but sometimes I think her and Brooke think it’s the most fun game in the world, to see who can get there first. I didn’t get there in time the other day and I said, who was it? Lizzie says, a talkin’ Spanish girl.
Which leads me to this, lizzie seems to think she can speak Spanish these days and has been talking gibberish around the house. The other day, I heard Lincoln yell my name from the kitchen, Mom!!
I yelled back, what?!
Lincoln- Eh!! Pointing to something, me still not in the room.
My mom(Grandma)- Lincoln, how’s your mom supposed to know what you need if you just say Eh!
Lizzie- It’s Spanish, grandma!

I swear I have a hundred of these and they keep piling up every day. In fact, today, I found myself utterly entertained by my Lincoln as I watched him eat his cereal. I watched his sweet chubby cheeks fill with froot loops as he snarfed every bite.I listened to his sweet voice make yummy noises-mmm, slurp! And gulping the remaining milk in his bowl; Then mom! Mom! As he points to the cereal bag(no joke, he ate like five bowls of cereal this morning-first time he’s had froot loops with milk- loved them!) and the entertainment continued. Who ever thought there could be so much joy and satisfaction in watching my baby boy eat his cereal.
If you don’t all know by now, I love my kids!!

P.S. I will apologize now. I've been super busy with the holidays upon us already. So, if my posts are further apart and shorter-sorry! I will try my best to stay updated, because I think it's important, more so for my own sanity, but no guarantees for the next couple months at least. Love you all!
p.s.s. I tried posting pictures but my blog is not cooperating, maybe later.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Special Little People

I do realize this is a long post but if anyone is interested in knowing the day to day things I get to be apart of and that make me laugh, here are a few:
A while ago, I had been up with Lincoln all night and then come morning time, it finally dawned on me to push his ear and then it was obvious to me. He had an ear infection. I just felt bad I hadn’t caught on to it earlier in the night. I had tried everything else, teething, growing pains, father’s blessing, etc… nothing seemed to work except the blessing, temporarily until it just clicked and I knew. I woke Lizzie that morning and told her I needed her to get ready because we needed to take Lincoln to the doctor. Her response was “Will they have treats?”…that’s my daughter’s sweet tooth talking.

Lizzie wanted to go the park after getting Lincoln’s medicine, I said, I don’t know, maybe
The closer we got to home, I needed to make the decision…I said to Lizzie, “I’m really tired and concerned about Lincoln. I think I’d rather go home and take care of him and myself.”
Lizzie- “What?! But you promised?!”
Me-“No, I didn’t. I said, Maybe.”
Lizzie-“Yeah, Maybe means You Promise!”
After laughing together, I gave in but said we’d only stay for a short time. It was a beautiful warm day in St. George and the kids had fun playing.

The other day Lizzie says to me, “Mom, I love you lots”
Me-“I love you too”
Lizzie- “I didn’t hear you say lots?”
Me- “I do love you lots”
Lizzie- “ Let’s start over…”

So, we’re all driving to town to get groceries and one of Lizzie’s favorite things to do is play car games.
Lizzie-“Let’s play the color game?!”… “Meenee Minee, Mo”
Me-That’s not the color game, you say “I spy with my little eye”…
Lizzie interrupts with, “I spy with my ity bity eyes” and then she pauses
Me- “something that is what color?”…
Lizzie interrupts again, “It’s my turn, mom!”

I like to spy on my children when they’re playing because most often I get a good laugh out of it. I peeked in their just in time to see Lizzie playing mom and Lincoln was her honey or son. She throws her arms in the air and says, “Oh no!  I’M LATE!! I’ve got a 2, 5 on my clock!!”.

The other day, I brought my laundry up and found Lincoln tucked in the laundry basket (a.k.a crib). He was totally soaking up all the attention and loved playing like he was the baby. Lizzie is going to make such a good mother some day.

Driving to town the other night for my volleyball games and It was dark now that it gets dark earlier. Lizzie wanted to play car games again, but I spy wasn’t a great one to play since it was so dark outside. She was kind of disheartened by this fact. But we played the animal questions game instead. Until, it seemed Lizzie was bored of it and then she exclaimed, “I have an idea!, How bout we shine all our lights at the signs outside?!” She had thought so innocently that we could somehow light up the whole world if just all had flashlights to shine out of the car…needless to say, I laughed very hard and for a very long time.

Lizzie went to my mom the other day complaining about her “Tankaroo Bruise”
My mom says, what’s a Tankaroo Bruise?!
Lizzie- “In my mouth! See?!”
My mom- “That’s a canker sore!”
My mom told her she could make it feel better but it would hurt pretty good at first if she just used some alum. Lizzie thought about it that day and then that night, she says, “okay mom, I need to go have grandma put some alsum on my mouth” and as she left the room, I said, It’s called alum”
She wandered upstairs to find grandma and she saw papa and said, “I need some callum!”
She was so tough when they put it on her canker sores (or what I may call Tankaroo Bruises for the rest of my life because I like it better) and then she begged for water after.  What a champ!

Brooklynne and Lizzie were bringing the Christmas decorations downstairs from the elf room (the small attic room ) and Lizzie had her eye on a small box that would be easy for her to carry down. She said, I’ll take this one and then got a little distracted when papa asked what they were doing. After a minute of two, she turned to get her box which was no longer there, Brooklynne had disappeared with all the boxes they had pulled out. She started freaking out and screaming for BB to come back with her box! BB (Brooklynne) was already to the bottom of the stairs. Lizzie sat at the top of the stairs and started to cry. Papa heard and came to check on her. ..Lizzie turns to him and says, “What’s in she's head?!” (meaning, what was she thinking?) and papa couldn’t hold back the laughter.

Lizzie has gotten pretty impatient these days, she must get that from me, unfortunately.  So, PATIENCE has been a word used often (daily) in our household, but sometimes I can’t hold back the laughter long enough to teach her that she needs to be patient, those are times when she says things like this in her sweet ,yet bossy way… “Hurry Up! I’m losing it!!”

Lizzie is becoming quite the smarty pants and I have to watch myself very closely these days. But she still has some things that take me back a little and make me think, she’s still just my sweet baby girl. She still plays with her belly button and she always gets her Kitchen and Ketchup words back wards. They come Chicken and Checkup.
Lincoln is also growing like a weed. He loves to play with his sister. He’ll copy just about everything she does, especially the really daring stuff! His favorite Halloween candy has been smarties. He’s had about a billion of em. He always tries to get away with having a treat before his meals. He has his mommy’s major sweet tooth. He’d choose and carry the cereal bag that is the size of his body to me for every meal if I let him. He’s also the sweetest, most lovable little guy. He makes me happy always squeezing his arms around me and give me kisses! I absolutely love my children.  I find that If I write all these good moments down, I tend to forget the unpleasant things of being a mom, like when Lincoln drops the cutting board on my toe and it brings tears to my eyes, the kisses and hugs he gives me after are the thing that heals the heart and helps us forget the pain.
How can You Not love these special little people in the World!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

About five weeks before Halloween, Lizzie came to me and said she wanted to be a Pirate-Arg!! Her aunt BB was going to be a pirate and she wanted to be one too! I said, maybe, hoping she would change her mind and want to be something with the rest of us. I thought we could have a cute themed family costumes, like Tangled, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel, and the Thug from the Duckling pub....already thinking in the back of my mind, how incredibly difficult it was to put it all together, and dreading the time and creative thought it would take me for this years idea. I came across this new place in St. George only a few days after Lizzie's pleadings for a pirate costume. It's a wholesale place run by a cute couple and only on certain days, I happened to pick a good day because they were open. We were exploring the place, not thinking too much about the slim pickings that were left, but the more we dug, the more great stuff we found. amongst it all, Rick left with a new, warm weather wardrobe and Lizzie had found the perfect Pirate costume!
(Came with the costume, hat, boots and gloves. The sword was a $2 find at Wal-Mart and she made that treasure chest trick or treat box a long time ago for a birthday treasure hunt which just so happened to be prefect with her costume!)

I love Good buys which is why I was even more excited to find Lincoln's costume at the D.I. It cost me $2 for a shirt and some red sweats. The shirt was a tad big so I sewed it in and the pants were perfect especially for the chilly weather. I also happened to grab another children's red pants for $1 just in case Lincoln sweats didn't fit him and had planned to just sew them in as well. The next day I sewed his shirt and tried the sweats on Lincoln to see how we did. It was a perfect fit! Maybe a dollar's worth of felt later, I had Lincoln's entire costume finished. We had some big boy panties for when potty-training will be coming just around the corner, so the total cost of Lincoln's costume was about $3

So, that extra pair of children's pant I mentioned earlier, I had put those on as a joke one night- they fit more like tights on me. So....This year, I happened to find my costume unexpectedly...
I had the underwear and the boots already an I bought a long sleeve red shirt at wal-mart for $7 and my left over felt from Lincoln's costume and a pair of tights cut apart and turned into gloves and I had my costume for a total price of $9.

I tried, Oh, how I tried to get Rick to wear an Incredibles costume OR even a pirate costume to go along with Lizzie, but he was a grumpy pants-he just wasn't satisfied with my findings...

some long johns that could've worked, were just not good enough ;)  ....I don't blame him. But I still searched high and low for stuff that would work, it just didn't pan out-better luck next year!
So, as you can see, I get really excited about Saving Money with all my large prints of steals. Which made this Halloween, that much more fun to enjoy!! Happy Halloween and Frugal Savings to the rest of you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Seven Years

I can't believe it's been seven years. The thing I can't believe more is that it feels like so much longer. Since I meet Rick, I felt I knew him all my life. We were friends right away and it soon turned into the best of friends. I can't imagine my life without him nor would I want to. He is the love of my life!

These have been the best years of my life!!
Thank you Rick for making it all possible. Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Who wants Cheese?!...Carlos does....the mouse in the house???

First off, we get little field mice in Diamond Valley and they are actually kind of cute but still totally freak me out because I know the kinds of germs they carry, my kids absolutely adore them. Just about every year we get one stuck in the window well. The first mouse we saw this year was a couple weeks ago climbing on the screen in my window. It was a fun thing for the kids to name it and watch it climb around. They even dropped some ginger snaps in the window well to feed it but he didn't like em. It was fully our intention of getting him out at one point and letting him free or even killing him--ssshhh!! don't tell my kids I said that, but they just keep coming back and getting stuck AGAIN!
Here's Carlos

I had my kids in the bathtub the other night when we saw the shadow of another mouse hanging out with Leo, the Lizard that lives in that window well in the bathroom. Lizzie excitedly yelled, open the window-I want to see him!!
I opened it, knowing that the last time it was opened the screen was still in tact, but soon realized it no longer was when the mouse climbed threw the tiniest hole in the screen and was in the house, just like that. If you can imagine I screamed and slammed the window shut right on the mouses head!! No joke.
Or so I thought. I retrieved my kids from the bathtub as soon as my heart stopped pounding so fast and we got our pajamas on and ready for bed. Lizzie went into the bathroom to brush her teeth when I hear, "MOM!!! There's the mouse!!! It's in our house!!"... "and it's starring right at me!...Awww!!! It's So cute!!!
I ran in there and sure enough, he was terrified, hiding behind the soap dispensers on the counter.
He must've climbed through the mechanism in the window, realizing it didn't click when it shut, therefore not shutting entirely. Probably because his head got in the way-too bad I didn't push harder. I grabbed the mug that was there on the counter and started to think....Holy Mouse in my house!! How the heck am I gonna catch him?! this point he had ran back to the window and was hiding behind some cologne in the window seal. So, I cleaned my bathroom as I thought of what to do and then, I laughed as the thought came to me-cheese!
My thoughts: Cheese?! Really?? Really??? That's your brilliant idea? How could you not laugh at yourself when you think you could actually catch a mouse with cheese. That may be how it is in the movies but in real life, fat rat chance!
Then I looked over at Lizzie whose eyes were wide with excitement and adventure and I thought what the heck-it would make for a fun adventure. I told Lizzie the plan and we rushed to get some cheese!
I said, we'll just stick the cheese in the back of this mug here and when he smells it, he'll climb in and then we'll flip it over on top of him and he'll be trapped in the mug for good.
So, we placed it in the window seal and then left the room for a few minutes. When we came back, he was back behind the soap dispensers-Dang it! He didn't fall for the whole cheese thing, he went right past it! So, I began to think again and decided I wanted to keep him in the bathroom at least until Rick got home to dispose of the thing. So I scooted the toothbrush holder closer to the soap dispensers making sure he wouldn't find a way to squeeze between them and then we placed the mug down on the other side and I went to sit down and wait when...what! suddenly the mouse was making his way back toward the window when he walked directly into my mug and was Eating the Cheese!!! "Nobody move", I whispered and Lizzie froze in anticipation. I flipped and scooted(making sure the tail had gotten inside as well, and then opened my eyes (haha! just kidding about that last part). WE DID IT!!
 Cute little guy, right?
 Not Cute enough to keep!!

Victory Smiles!!!
Shortly after capturing the mouse, we placed a book on top to ensure no way of escaping and then Lizzie in her sweet, pleading voice says, " We don't have any pets..Can we keep him, pleeeeaaasee!!"
No need for me to tell you what I said.

 Rick was home not too long after but late enough that Lizzie had already grown an attachment to the mouse. she was sobbing sad when daddy took him away. She cried, "I will miss my mouse friend". I assured her he would be back again soon, no doubt. if not him, his brother or sister.
And sure enough, we saw one of them darting out from under one of the flower bushes the other day. 
As for Carlos, the mouse that live(s), no live(d) in my window well, peeked his little head in through my blinds as I was laying in bed working on a blanket. My scream scared him back into the window and rick hurried and shut it! Looks like I won't be opening my windows for a while. We had just fixed the screen! I thought for sure I was safe to have it opened but those dang mice just keep eating through them...took Carlos a while to figure out how though. Anyway, I found him dead this morning..RIP..let's see how long it takes for the next one to come along...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Pictures

This last week has been kind of a stressful one. I've been wanting to get some family pictures done for like the last six months and I finally squeezed them in this last week. First mistake!-You can't "squeeze in" family pictures! It just doesn't work, these things take time, time preparing, time scheduling, time dressing, doing hair, finding a place, time, time time!! The one thing I didn't have all needless to say, our family pictures were kind of a failed, success. I say success, because even if the camera didn't want to work and Lincoln didn't want to cooperate and Lizzie can't smile normally to save her life, it was still time spent with my family and some photos to capture the moments, good or bad.

 There were times we resorted to holding the kids head straight...

 There were times we resorted to tickling them just to get a smile...
 and many moments, where we just gave up and let them be...

After a fairly stressful week, I'm looking forward to relaxing this week and preparing for the Fall Finale-Can't wait for some volleyball fun!!!
Also, I was able to be there for my sister-in-laws birth this last Saturday. I did the birth photography for her and it was such a wonderful experience. I was so happy I could be there for her and witness such a miracle. Jennie had her baby at home and she did awesome! Corbin Clay Jones was born at 7:59 pm and weighed in at 8lbs 7oz. He is darling!- with Jennie's looks and Dustin's physique. I am so excited to love on his sweet little face!! I'll post a picture of him soon...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Politics??...and better things

I watched the Presidential Debate with Rick last night. It was fun and rather satisfying watching Romney stick it to the President. It's plain and simple, I will NOT be voting for Obama!
Now, I've never been much of a political person, in fact, I hate politics but Rick follows it and it has been absorbed into my life. More so with this election than any before, I've been much more involved. I've actually looked into it all myself, which is something I never thought I would find myself doing. Thanks to Rick, I know more than I would like to know about political happenings, but I'm also grateful to know it. I will Not vote for Obama!!
Watching the debate last night was like watching Cotton Candy vs. Meat and Potatoes. Romney being the meat and potatoes-he had SUBSTANCE. It was fulfilling and refreshing. Cotton candy has no substance, which of course is also in reference to the fact that Obama has Nothing. He has nothing to show since he's been made president. He's done no good, so of course, he was caught with his tongue tied and a finger on the repeat button.

Okay, that will probably be the most you will ever hear me talk of politics, but I can't say it enough- I will NOT vote for Obama!!!

Now that I've said my piece, I will move on to brighter things...
I took my kids to the park the other day and we had a blast, I'm loving this weather and can't wait for it to get a bit cooler.