Monday, March 25, 2013

No way!!

No way! A moment of free time, just when I was thinking it didn't exist.
I've been thinking a lot of some things happened recently in my life and I'd like to share. About a month or so ago, an older gentleman in the ward, with trouble walking and a heart of Gold, was finally baptized and made a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He's sneaking up on Eighty I believe. He was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost one Sunday for all the ward to witness. I was happy to be apart of that experience with him. I don't know the man well, just from the things Rick has told me, but he's a soft, gentle looking man and there was a light that entered his self that day. I couldn't hold back the tears of joy I felt for this stranger.
A couple weeks after he was baptized, his son died. His son was not LDS to my understanding and yet,
A couple weeks ago he received the Aaronic Priesthood and this last Sunday he blessed the sacrament. I couldn't hold back then even more so than when I witnessed one of the best days of his life, I'm sure.
I have seen the change in this man and it has been pure inspiration to me. The courage he must possess, the strength, and truth he holds--it is remarkable to me. I find myself invested in this man's happiness more so than any other stranger I have been merely acquainted with.
I find myself even more invested in some special individuals in my life, whom I have the pleasure of seeing either day by day, once every few months, or every now and then in passing. I have come to know them well and love them with a love so sincere, it comes from a deeper part of my heart. I am grateful to these people for keeping me on my knees and Ernest in my conversations with the Lord. They are a strength to me whether they know it or not.

Rick has been reading some books by William George Jordan, someone I recommend everyone look up and read. I've just began reading his stuff and I'm captivated by his understanding and clarity of things and even more so, the beauty of his speech. Here's a small excerpt from the book I'm reading now, "The Crown of Individuality".

"THE supreme courage of life is the courage of the soul. It is living, day by day, sincerely, steadfastly, serenely,—despite all opinions, all obstacles, all opposition. It means the wine of inspiration for ourselves and others that comes from the crushed grapes of our sorrows. This courage makes the simplest life, great; it makes the greatest life—sublime. It means the royal dignity of fine individual living."

Easter celebrations are coming up and so I'll be posting again soon enough (and with pictures), but for now, my thoughts, hopes, and prayers and wishing good things for all of you!! All my Love

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I am such a slacker. I know I said I'd be better about blogging but it seems any "Me" time IS LOST....where to? I don't know...anyway, here are some more pictures quickly uploaded and you can figure out the rest...
Rick working on the bunk beds...

 Check out this STUD!

I spent some good time with my sister a couple weeks ago. It was so much fun!!

 Did some car washing, soaked up some rays, which u can see were totally needed...hehehe!! 
(I'm 21 weeks here)
 Lizzie got an ouch!!
 ...and rode the horse
 Allie wearing her food and still looking gorgeous

 My sweet Baby Boy...growing up too fast
 The family wearing our Sunday Greens-Happy St. Patty's day!!
 p.s. sorry for the short lame comments, it may be the best you get out of me for a while.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Family Update

Well, where do I start?...
Rick is doing great at work, supporting all my crazy food cravings and being the best daddy and husband ever as usual. I really don't know how I can expand on that. He works hard in everything he does and I'm exceptionally proud of him. He's actually thinking of going back to school again but there's still lots to figure out with his work and other adjustments. He's also building his own gun and bunk beds for the kids. I will definitely post pictures.

As for myself, I'm eating healthier than I ever have before. Green smoothies in the mornings, tons of green veggies and loads of fruit as well as the occasional cheeseburger and fries. It's Epson salts with lavender in my baths at night, room temperature lemon water every morning and night, tons of water, water and more water and volleyball at least two times a week with the every day exercise my house chores and children put me through. We have the baby paid off which is nice and we are super excited to have a new addition to the family. Lizzie felt the baby move for her first time a couple nights ago and she was so ecstatic. She has asked me to pop the baby out every day since. She can't wait! Lincoln on the other hand thinks my belly is a ball and refers to it as such. He also laughs at my strange belly button every time he sees it. For those wondering, we won't be finding out what the baby is this time around and my actual due date is July 22nd. Yep, I know, another family reunion baby-sorry, some things just can't be prevented. Lizzie is more than thrilled to share her b-day with the baby and like I said..she just can't wait.

Lizzie is doing great with preschool but her attention span is nothing short of very short. She lives in Lizzie land and is more than happy to stay there most of her days, ignoring everyone around her while prancing around with imaginary pony's over rainbows and dazzling the pretend audiences at her princess ballet recital with lil red riding hood as one of her favorite characters existing in all her glory- who knows?!

But I love her, even if she chooses not to listen to me 80% of the time. She's still a wonderful helper, nurturing big sister and major comedian. She will start school this year, which is really bitter-sweet to me and I'd rather not think about it. She already knows how to spell her name and many letters and numbers. she's learning to tie her shoes and she knows how to do my hair-which I must say is awesome. She can do ponytails and piggy tails and has been begging me to teach  her to braid. It's been a bit harder for her to learn that one with her small hands. Lincoln likes to pretend he knows what he's doing while he pulls on my hairs with a small tooth comb, can't say it feels great, but it's cute.
He likes to plop himself down in front of me when I do lizzie's hair in anticipation for me to do his as well. He got his first hair cut this last week and I still can't believe how big he looks now. Bye bye baby hairs! There's not a single one left. Those sweet lil curls now lie in a baggie for me to remember how hard it was to cut them off. But I love his hair now. He's become such a big boy.
Here's a couple before pictures

 and After

I didn't get a view of his baby curls in the back from before but they were darling, I almost cried while cutting them off, but look how cute he is- I don't know what I was afraid of...maybe my baby boy, growing up too fast.
 He talks so much more, repeating things all the time and pronouncing words better and better each day. He is potty trained which is nice for me. I'll get at least four months of no diapers before the next one. He turns Two in June, which I still can't believe. It went by too fast. He does everything like his dad, loves to spend time with him, is a major goof ball to a T and an exceptional athlete.

He loves balls and cars and tools and baby dolls in baby strollers. I don't know how that last one coincides but I think it's a good sign with the next baby coming. He's super independent, curious, observant, and adventurous. He is also going through his two's early, following in his sisters foot steps. He likes to pull hair, bite (which is much less frequent, thank heavens), hit, kick, pest, tease, push the limits and is stubborn as heck, refusing to say sorry, but he is learning fast and he's been much better to say sorry after being naughty. It's only taking a lot of timeouts, removal of toys, and a good solid twenty minutes or so of him thinking, debating it over in his head to finally come to the conclusion that saying sorry and getting the toys back is the best way to do it.
I plan to take more pictures and be better about posting on my blog to keep everyone updated. Love you all! 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yay! For new home owners

My absence has left me with the choice to combine all holiday celebrations into one post like one big blur or to skip them all together and start with now...I'll choose the latter. Now.
The holidays were great but I really don't have the time. I mean, come on, I have two kids that demand my attention 24/7.
Which is why I will make this quick. My brother and his wife got a house and have been doing some renovating on it. The rest of us, of course, have been there any spare moment to help out because that's what this family is good at and it's fun.
I have a bunch of pictures, because I finally dusted off the good old camera after its been accumulating dust the last few months.
I won't lie, helping with their house has brought back memories of the time and effort Rick and I put into our own first home. That home was made a part of me and may forever remain there. I still long for the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes with ownership and management of my own home. I would like the task again. Don't get me wrong, it was hard work but it was totally worth it.
I'm not saying I don't love the situation I'm in now. I love where we are in our lives, things are great and only continue to get better, I'm just hopeful that having a home of our own will be part of our progression. Rick and I have plans to build a home someday, hopefully not too far into the future and that is an exciting thing. Rick, with the skills he has, can draw up the plans himself and has already, tweaking it all along the way, until we can finally come to a pretty good conclusion of what we want. I am happy. I have my family close, two beautiful children and one on the way, the best husband in the world, a thousand opportunities at my fingertips, the burning desire to serve and strive for greatness and a closeness to my Heavenly Father.
Okay, here are pictures
For those that didn't catch on to the lil comment made earlier in this post, yes, I'm pregnant with baby  #3! Rick and I have been really bad at getting the word out but we are thoroughly excited. I'm four and half months here.
 Its an old small home, great as a starter home and perfect for a rental if they decide to later.

Sister's make the best teams
 Check out that old sink and the back of lincoln's head
 There's some good looking guys...

 Lunch break!

Nap time for these two
 There's some pretty faces

 Me with the power tools, we were sawing through the palettes to remove the planks of wood for a wood floor. Power tools and resourcefulness-two of my favorite things.

 Here's a little Funny!!

 We even put the kids to work...slave drivers

So, there you have it. So excited for Dustin and Jennie and the start of their new home ownership. It's been a blast helping out. Sorry, for the quick post. I'll update more when I get another moment.