Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Took a break...Jumped back into it

Well, today's run was a good one as far as distance goes, but my ten minute mile needs some work. Although, I was proud of myself considering half the run was some steep uphills. I realized I need a running buddy. It makes it more enjoyable to have some good company along, especially when the mp3 player dies. But, oh, how I was able to enjoy the gorgeous Sunset this evening-something I love about Diamond Valley.

Notes to Self:
3 miles- 30 minutes
charge mp3 before next run
Find different places for some good runs, getting bored of Diamond Valley, but never of their sunsets :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back to it...

I took the weekend off for the air show and now I've been reluctant to jump back into running. But, yesterday, I took the leap and I loved it of course. It was cute-as we were walking into the air show we had to cross a big dirt field that we had to park in to get there and Lizzie was riding high on daddy's shoulders, when she looked down and shouted, "Hey look! It's Run Prints", not feet prints in the sand, but "Run-Prints". I think all of my running has embedded in her head a bit. It made Rick and I laugh and it made me realize however small my choices may be, they are still affecting my family as well, even my little Lizzie. She cracks me up.
So, my run went well and I'm hoping for better weather very soon, Did I mention how much I hate running in the cold?! I do, but I did it anyway and it was just fine.

Notes to Self:
Ran up the big hill in Diamond and then across trail down in the bowl and back to home- 1.5 miles
Need to buy a watch
I love Map my Run!!

Thunder over Utah!

We had such a blast at the Air show here in Utah. Here's some pictures to prove it

 So much FUN!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Friday is normally my day off but most of my family was going on a bike ride through St. George and I couldn't pass that up. We hooked up the kids trailer and we were on our way. It was so much fun. I had both Lizzie and Darius in the Trailer that I was towing and then Lincoln in the seat behind me. That makes an extra 90 lbs I was pulling on my bike. Thankfully, most of it was down hill but we soon realized the tires were flat on the trailer. Luckily, about half way through our ride we came to a gas station and filled em up. My load felt So much lighter. Man! Did I get a work out today! It was a lot of fun though. I'd do it all over again tomorrow, if I could. Instead, I decided to make it a full day and run home from the entrance of Diamond Valley. When you feel the urge to run- Just do it!!

Notes to Self:
Ran home from Church at the entrance of Diamond Valley
1 mile- around 8 minutes or less
Rick is so Supportive!! I love him

p.s. Kelly, I love that you're still reading these silly posts about my running. I love to see what you have to say. Thank you for being so supportive.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lover's Gate

I was Exhausted yesterday!!!! I didn't want to run at all but I did it anyway and it turned out to be the highlight of my day even if it was just for a quick twenty minutes around the middle of St. George. We came across the cutest "Lover's Gate". It is a gate with all sorts of locks hanging on it with engravings on them. The Lock's were a representation of people undying love for each other. The Locks are locked on the gate and the keys are thrown away to symbolize an eternal promise to one another. This is something that is done in Asia and other places but I've never seen anything like it before. It was neat to see all the locks people had put there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It was rough getting started on the run yesterday but it was good once I got going. I'm sore from Monday's run.

Notes to Self:
School track and home
2+ miles
35-40 minute run/walk

I Love stretching!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Best run yet!

Had the best run yet so far! First of all, I love running in St George, Second of all running around the Temple is a must, Third- running with friends makes for a great run. I had my mom, and my sisters, Cami and Brooklynne along for the ride. The weather was wonderful and I soaked it all up for what it was. On top of everything else, I felt energized. I wanted to run circles around them and keep going and going and going.
I tested out {for the "Friends" fans} Phoebe's theory on running and I'm pretty sure I looked like an idiot doing it (Anyone driving on main street around nine o clock might have witnessed the idiotismness of me-yeah, I just made up that word).
Also, I tried out a new mix of music and it was great inspiration. And then to top off the evening, Cami and I sprinted the last stretch home. Such an awesome run! I didn't want it to end- good sign!!

Notes to Self:
Ran 1.4 miles around Temple down to the Vernon Worthen park and across to Main street and then back to Cami's house.
Running makes me a better volleyball player but is also a rough combination if not careful.

Sunday Walk

Sunday was another day off but not excluding a nice Sunday walk around Diamond Valley. It was beautiful outside and the kids loved the little trip to the park. I love the weather we've been having lately. I can smell Spring coming!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The training continues

I took Friday off but found myself wanting to run all that day. Then Saturday I ran to the mailboxes in Diamond Valley and made excellent time. I'm hoping this continues to get easier. After running half way back I stopped for a breather and then realized my abs and ribs were screaming at me. I love a good, sore run!!
Rick bought some new ear phones and I tested them out for the first time- they're wonderful and a pretty blue color. I didn't even ask Rick to do it- he read my mind and played my game by buying them on clearance. Rick makes me happy. I love him for those of you who didn't already know.

Notes to Self:
Weather was Fantastic!
Run to mailboxes- around 15 minutes
Download some great running music

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day Four

I did some cardio at home thinking that I wouldn't get a chance to run because of my volleyball games on Thursdays, but it turned out I got to play before hand at the church and then walked and jogged a block in town and then played volleyball again that night. I'm just going to assume I made my quota for the day with all included. The funny thing was I felt I had more energy. I probably could've run after my games but it was just so dang cold outside.

Notes to self:
1-2 hour variety
Make myself a warm headband to cover my ears while running.
Volleyball hurts my joints more than running does or maybe it's the two combined.

Day Three

Well day three was another not-so-awesome, Devil's Wind day. But I went out and got a taste of it anyway.... And then I ran back in and finished up my run inside. I let the wind get the best of me this time, but next time I won't.

Note to Self:
School Track- 10 minute Run
Indoor Run and cardio
Get some gloves and new head phones

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day Two

This run was a shorter one, but I convinced my mom to come along with me which made it worth it. It was so windy and on the verge of raining. I was kind of hoping for the rain- I have a lot of good memories running in the rain, but the wind is the devil. I absolutely hate running when it's windy, something I had to push through (no pun intended).

My Notes:
35 second runs/45-54 second walks; 20 minute Run
School Track- windy conditions
note to self- clip toenails when you get home ;)
Don't forget my Protein- thanks Kel :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Training begins

  I've decided to run the Red Rock Relay this year. It's a relay race held here in Southern Utah. The race begins in Brian Head and will finish 187 miles later in Springdale, Utah. The team consists of 12 people, each runner, running 3 legs of the 36 legs throughout the relay. Each leg consisting of 5-8 mile stretches.
  I have never been one of those people who finds running long distances, fun, but I felt inspired to do this. I know it will be a challenge but it's a challenge I want to defeat. This may not be a challenge for some (a.k.a.-my idol- Kelly Snodgress) but it is for me and that is why I feel the need to record my progress and I've chosen my blog to do that. So, hopefully the next six months blog posts won't bore you entirely but this race and my training for it will be a big part of my life until September.
  My first day of training was yesterday. I started out slow because I played in an intense volleyball tournament this last weekend and did something to my right knee, but it's already feeling much better and I hope with the right care it will continue to get better instead of hinder my progress.
  I've read up on some different programs online so that I could do this training the right way. I have absolutely no idea how to train to run long distances so it was helpful to read up on it. I wanted to do it the right, healthy way. I had a head start on the healthy part of it and started drinking more water throughout my day a few weeks prior to my training. I've also gotten some great advice from my runner friends and I'm excited to put those good tips into play.
  My first run went really well. I ran to the elementary school in Diamond Valley and run the track while my kids played at the park with Rick. Just when I was thinking to myself that I was done for the day, I saw Lizzie running the track from across the field. Her little legs scampering as fast as she could get them and her long hair blowing back away from her face. She put a smile on my face and some motivation in my legs. I was motivated to push myself only to catch up to her and love on her beautiful face. I'm taking that image with me when I'm running the relay! It was a great start to my training, now if I could just get Rick to run with me.

My notes:
35 second run/45 second walks-30 minute Run
Elementary School and track
Almost a straight jog home