Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back to it...

I took the weekend off for the air show and now I've been reluctant to jump back into running. But, yesterday, I took the leap and I loved it of course. It was cute-as we were walking into the air show we had to cross a big dirt field that we had to park in to get there and Lizzie was riding high on daddy's shoulders, when she looked down and shouted, "Hey look! It's Run Prints", not feet prints in the sand, but "Run-Prints". I think all of my running has embedded in her head a bit. It made Rick and I laugh and it made me realize however small my choices may be, they are still affecting my family as well, even my little Lizzie. She cracks me up.
So, my run went well and I'm hoping for better weather very soon, Did I mention how much I hate running in the cold?! I do, but I did it anyway and it was just fine.

Notes to Self:
Ran up the big hill in Diamond and then across trail down in the bowl and back to home- 1.5 miles
Need to buy a watch
I love Map my Run!!

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Kelly said...

Cold? In St. George? Come on sister, I have a hard time feeling bad for you! J/k, I totally know what you mean. I love Lizzy's comment, and I'm gonna say run prints from now on!