Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Training begins

  I've decided to run the Red Rock Relay this year. It's a relay race held here in Southern Utah. The race begins in Brian Head and will finish 187 miles later in Springdale, Utah. The team consists of 12 people, each runner, running 3 legs of the 36 legs throughout the relay. Each leg consisting of 5-8 mile stretches.
  I have never been one of those people who finds running long distances, fun, but I felt inspired to do this. I know it will be a challenge but it's a challenge I want to defeat. This may not be a challenge for some (a.k.a.-my idol- Kelly Snodgress) but it is for me and that is why I feel the need to record my progress and I've chosen my blog to do that. So, hopefully the next six months blog posts won't bore you entirely but this race and my training for it will be a big part of my life until September.
  My first day of training was yesterday. I started out slow because I played in an intense volleyball tournament this last weekend and did something to my right knee, but it's already feeling much better and I hope with the right care it will continue to get better instead of hinder my progress.
  I've read up on some different programs online so that I could do this training the right way. I have absolutely no idea how to train to run long distances so it was helpful to read up on it. I wanted to do it the right, healthy way. I had a head start on the healthy part of it and started drinking more water throughout my day a few weeks prior to my training. I've also gotten some great advice from my runner friends and I'm excited to put those good tips into play.
  My first run went really well. I ran to the elementary school in Diamond Valley and run the track while my kids played at the park with Rick. Just when I was thinking to myself that I was done for the day, I saw Lizzie running the track from across the field. Her little legs scampering as fast as she could get them and her long hair blowing back away from her face. She put a smile on my face and some motivation in my legs. I was motivated to push myself only to catch up to her and love on her beautiful face. I'm taking that image with me when I'm running the relay! It was a great start to my training, now if I could just get Rick to run with me.

My notes:
35 second run/45 second walks-30 minute Run
Elementary School and track
Almost a straight jog home

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Kelly said...

Oh, Shay! You are so awesome. I know once you start something you're gonna finish it--not to mention be awesome at it! Running is no different than your many other talents. Not everyone has the will-power and self-motivation that you do! There is something about long distance running that makes you tough from the inside out. Tough gut, nice butt! Right? I'm excited to read about all of your runs.
What's also cool, is that your kids get to see you run and they'll always have that memory. I remember being at the track with my mom thinking, "My mom is such a good runner. I want to be just like her."
You're gonna be awesome. Don't forget to eat your protein!