Friday, March 9, 2012

Day Four

I did some cardio at home thinking that I wouldn't get a chance to run because of my volleyball games on Thursdays, but it turned out I got to play before hand at the church and then walked and jogged a block in town and then played volleyball again that night. I'm just going to assume I made my quota for the day with all included. The funny thing was I felt I had more energy. I probably could've run after my games but it was just so dang cold outside.

Notes to self:
1-2 hour variety
Make myself a warm headband to cover my ears while running.
Volleyball hurts my joints more than running does or maybe it's the two combined.

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Kelly said...

No, you're right. Volleyball is terrible on the knees. I believe volleyball hurts the joints, and then you feel it while running. There were times when I felt crippled. :(
Glucosamine with chondroitin helped me so much. That, along with ice and ibuprophen does the trick!
...we need to stop getting old.