Sunday, March 11, 2012

The training continues

I took Friday off but found myself wanting to run all that day. Then Saturday I ran to the mailboxes in Diamond Valley and made excellent time. I'm hoping this continues to get easier. After running half way back I stopped for a breather and then realized my abs and ribs were screaming at me. I love a good, sore run!!
Rick bought some new ear phones and I tested them out for the first time- they're wonderful and a pretty blue color. I didn't even ask Rick to do it- he read my mind and played my game by buying them on clearance. Rick makes me happy. I love him for those of you who didn't already know.

Notes to Self:
Weather was Fantastic!
Run to mailboxes- around 15 minutes
Download some great running music

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Kelly said...

You make me want to run. :)