Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Best run yet!

Had the best run yet so far! First of all, I love running in St George, Second of all running around the Temple is a must, Third- running with friends makes for a great run. I had my mom, and my sisters, Cami and Brooklynne along for the ride. The weather was wonderful and I soaked it all up for what it was. On top of everything else, I felt energized. I wanted to run circles around them and keep going and going and going.
I tested out {for the "Friends" fans} Phoebe's theory on running and I'm pretty sure I looked like an idiot doing it (Anyone driving on main street around nine o clock might have witnessed the idiotismness of me-yeah, I just made up that word).
Also, I tried out a new mix of music and it was great inspiration. And then to top off the evening, Cami and I sprinted the last stretch home. Such an awesome run! I didn't want it to end- good sign!!

Notes to Self:
Ran 1.4 miles around Temple down to the Vernon Worthen park and across to Main street and then back to Cami's house.
Running makes me a better volleyball player but is also a rough combination if not careful.

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Kelly said...

sounds like you're doing awesome! I wish we took the opportunity to run together more often when I lived in beautiful St. George!