Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snodgress Reunion

It was Beautiful weather this year!!

The Zip-lining was a blast for all the kids.
We did all the usual things- painted a rock, colored a quilt square, ate good food, played horseshoes, and chatted a lot. 
Rick and Joey were the winners of the horseshoe tournament. I got two Ringers but neither of them counted. Apparently, Tyson and I could only get Ringers when the other got one, therefore cancelling the other's out.
I wasn't very good about taking pictures this year, but a got a few of the best.

 Lizzie fell asleep in Grandma Lizzie's arms.

Lincoln was getting at least five teeth all at once this last weekend- he was pretty miserable and attached to my hip the entire time but he still managed to have his happy moments.
Lincoln loved camping and loved the empty tent!!
Rick and I have decided we need to invest in a bigger tent for next year.

Lizzie's 4th Birthday!

Lizzie had So much fun for her birthday, she keeps talking of throwing another swim, treasure hunt, birthday cake party just for fun.
We made a treasure chest out of a Del Taco box, which held all the fun toys the kids would find inside of it.

We went swimming at Uncle JD and Aunt Cami's and then had a BBQ and a Treasure Hunt.
 Eve in a birthday hat
 Tinker Belle barbie doll
 New Shoes and Dress
 Tinker belle toys- she now has Tinker belle's kitchen and Rosetta's bedroom.
 Yay! Hair clips- we were in need of those. Lizzie loves her hair accessories and you know that when you play with her dolls and they all have pretty hair.
 Polly Pockets!
Lizzie got to spend a whole week with her cousins. They came to stay and had lots of sleep-overs and lots of fun in the process.

Lizzie wanted a Little Mermaid and Dolphins cake this year for her birthday and I had been looking online to get ideas, but when it came time to make it I just really didn't want one more Huge project on my to do list so when I spotted a summer clearance cake at Wal-Mart. I came up with a different idea and saved myself a chunk of change. I didn't get pictures so you really can't see what I did, but I printed off some little mermaid and dolphins and attached them to some toothpicks and placed them in the water portion of the summer beach cake. Lizzie loved it!!! and that's what matters to me. Here's a video of her blowing out the candles on her cake.

My sister was videotaping it for me. She is notorious for turning the camera sideways-sorry.

I know I say this all the time but I honestly can't believe how fast my baby is growing. Four already! She is so funny, sweet, helpful, and beautiful and I love her so much! Happy Birthday Little Lizzie!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crazy Jones Reunion

We spent our Jones Reunion learning to play Pickle ball on Friday night. Then swimming, volleyball, horse riding, Treasure Hunt playing all on Saturday and then finishing up the left over, Yummy Dutch Oven food on Sunday. The flash floods and sweet rain made for a perfect weathered weekend.
 My Grandpa Jones is quite the guy. I couldn't say enough good things about him. He is lovable, hug-able and never shies away from a good peck on the lips.
My babies had So much fun!! I was asked to come up with a Treasure Hunt for the kids. I literally wrote it up in two days time. It came together so well and turned out to be a blast for all the kids and adults. As you can see, my grandpa even had his face painted. The treasure hunt started with a treasure map, of course, and then the collecting of the rainbow stone that had to replace the golden egg and traded for the next clue while playing the game of cups and then the kids helped the friendly farmer Tay retrieve his gem which lead them to the station where they had to disguise themselves as their warrior names and painted faces to find where the treasure lay without being caught.--If that sounded confusing at all, well, you should've been there!--It was Great!! My babies loved it!

These precious pictures were taken by my talented cousin Taylor. I love them!!
As you can see it also shows that I've become one of those moms that never dresses her baby, but really, I like to think I'm one of those moms that dreads doing laundry and Lincoln is a drooling King and Food+Lincoln=Messy!!!
We've had seven reunions this summer and we've already missed three, and made it to two, and we plan to make it to the rest of them--cross your fingers! It's been so fun spending so much time with family lately. I absolutely love it!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A little Rain

I love the Rain!!! It makes me giddy.... some of my favorite past-time memories involve me in the Rain: running in the rain, dancing in the rain, jumping in Puddles in the rain, skim boarding down main street in the rain...I could go on. We had a slight problem with the rain storm this go around but I still love the rain and I don't think anything could come between us. The rain leaked in through our window well last night and flooded our bathroom, but all is well again.

Lincoln loves to be outside, doing anything outside. It's been beautiful this morning with all the rain that we got so he's been outside with grandma while she works in her yard. I went out to see what was going on when I saw his diaper torn and hanging down in between his legs. I thought for sure, he'd be loving the freedom but he wasn't enjoying it too much. These pictures aren't from today but is just one of the many things Lincoln loves to do outside. I believe every little boy should get to play in the mud from time to time. I also think this rule should apply to me as well.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Going Ons

So, I'm thinking I may Not be cut out for long distance runs. My knees aren't taking it well at all. I've never had great joints but this long distance running has taken it to the next level of pain for my knees. I've been taking some vitamins that help but not enough. It bums me out but it's life and it doesn't mean I can't continue to do the other forms of exercise that I enjoy. I'm thinking after my relay, it will be back to my free-running I enjoy, that doesn't mess up my knees. I will also be excited to get back to my cardio workouts, free-weights and injury-free-volleyball that I love. 

Good News though- I went for an Early Morning Run! I never thought I'd be able to drag myself out of bed at the crack of dawn and do it but I did. It was Nice. There are So many things I enjoy about early mornings- I enjoyed them much more frequently before I had kids though. I ran the seven miles in the fresh morning air and returned to my favorite trail run in the area.

If anyone knows a good vitamin to help with my knees- I'm all ears!! Right now, I've been taking glucosamine vitamins to help with them.

Also, something that has decided to become a nuisance in my life is the little red car I've had for the last...well, since I was eighteen- don't do the math. I finally talked Rick into trying to fix it for me instead of letting it rust it's life away in the orchard. So, he did. We had it running for a week before it decided to kill over once more. How many lives does this car have?! Well, it's looking like it may be the last life for this one. We'll find out for sure tomorrow. Rick and I did some car shopping this last weekend just in case. I don't know much about cars so it's actually been kind of stressful.

And then there's the little going ons around the house- doing home-made pore strips and face masks which kind of turned into a form of torture for us all...I can't believe I'm posting these pictures but there you have it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July Celebrations

I LOVE FIREWORKS!!! Always have. 
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of them but I did get plenty of the day...
 We went Swimming...even with it being cloudy outside, in St. George, It's always swimming weather.
Then it was BBQ-ing time!

 A Mini fireworks show that followed...

 Which Lincoln did Not like...at first
(His concerned Look)
It scared some whimpers out of him a few times, but he warmed up to them real fast and was clapping his hands along with the rest of the kids before we knew it. Funny thing was he didn't mind the huge Fireworks later that night, at all.... In fact, He fell asleep to them.
We played some games to kill some time before the firework show started...

 And I did some kissing on my baby boy
 He has the cutest kissing face
Happy Independence Day Everyone!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Happy Birthday Shantelle, Dylan, Grandpa Jones and...oh yeah, Me!
Seriously though, If I didn't have lots of family and friends to remind me of my birthday, I would most definitely, forget it. So, here are a load of pictures mapping out the days plan. The Plans that Shantelle put together- I was just along for the ride.
First off, we had facials from our cousin who does Mary Kay. She was working on getting 100 facials in order to have her airplane tickets paid for so she could attend some Mary Kay function/convention of some sort, so we got all us girls and Guys (Yes, Rick got a facial) together for some pre-birthday fun. And then us girls played around with the make-up. I forgot how much I hate wearing makeup! but it was still fun and I love Mary Kays make-up remover!

 Then we had a special "Avengers" party time for the "Iron Man" lover, Dylan. Dylan's birthday is actually Today but we celebrated on the 29th all at once to make things more convenient for everyone else.

 Lincoln as the Hulk!
Here we have Thor, Hulk and Captain America

Lincoln as Captain America!
He hated the masks, by the way, he thought it more fun to pull them off.

 We had birthday Pie's instead of cake.

Shantelle made a Hulk Pinata for the kids. Here's Lizzie's massive swing at Hulk's head. Of all the kids, she really did give him his hardest hit.
 We went to Anti-Gravity after presents and pie

 I kicked Rick's trash racing him through this obstacle course!

Lizzie did about a hundred somersaults.

Here's a video

The next day, Rick took me out for a date

It was a great Birthday, spent with some of my favorite people!

P.S. Happy Birthday Kelly!!