Friday, July 13, 2012

A little Rain

I love the Rain!!! It makes me giddy.... some of my favorite past-time memories involve me in the Rain: running in the rain, dancing in the rain, jumping in Puddles in the rain, skim boarding down main street in the rain...I could go on. We had a slight problem with the rain storm this go around but I still love the rain and I don't think anything could come between us. The rain leaked in through our window well last night and flooded our bathroom, but all is well again.

Lincoln loves to be outside, doing anything outside. It's been beautiful this morning with all the rain that we got so he's been outside with grandma while she works in her yard. I went out to see what was going on when I saw his diaper torn and hanging down in between his legs. I thought for sure, he'd be loving the freedom but he wasn't enjoying it too much. These pictures aren't from today but is just one of the many things Lincoln loves to do outside. I believe every little boy should get to play in the mud from time to time. I also think this rule should apply to me as well.

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