Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crazy Jones Reunion

We spent our Jones Reunion learning to play Pickle ball on Friday night. Then swimming, volleyball, horse riding, Treasure Hunt playing all on Saturday and then finishing up the left over, Yummy Dutch Oven food on Sunday. The flash floods and sweet rain made for a perfect weathered weekend.
 My Grandpa Jones is quite the guy. I couldn't say enough good things about him. He is lovable, hug-able and never shies away from a good peck on the lips.
My babies had So much fun!! I was asked to come up with a Treasure Hunt for the kids. I literally wrote it up in two days time. It came together so well and turned out to be a blast for all the kids and adults. As you can see, my grandpa even had his face painted. The treasure hunt started with a treasure map, of course, and then the collecting of the rainbow stone that had to replace the golden egg and traded for the next clue while playing the game of cups and then the kids helped the friendly farmer Tay retrieve his gem which lead them to the station where they had to disguise themselves as their warrior names and painted faces to find where the treasure lay without being caught.--If that sounded confusing at all, well, you should've been there!--It was Great!! My babies loved it!

These precious pictures were taken by my talented cousin Taylor. I love them!!
As you can see it also shows that I've become one of those moms that never dresses her baby, but really, I like to think I'm one of those moms that dreads doing laundry and Lincoln is a drooling King and Food+Lincoln=Messy!!!
We've had seven reunions this summer and we've already missed three, and made it to two, and we plan to make it to the rest of them--cross your fingers! It's been so fun spending so much time with family lately. I absolutely love it!!!

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Kelly said...

Wow, I'm seeing a lot of Rick in Lincoln. Needless to say, I think he's adorable!