Thursday, December 6, 2012

The things my children say CONTINUED

This morning, Lizzie strolled out while I was checking something on the computer and I caught a sniff of her breath. "PEEW, Someone's got bad breath. Can you go brush your teeth..she cuts me off with a howl "I JUST BRUSHED them tomorrow?..last morn...trailing off with fake tears as she stomped away to her room. Moments later, I hear her state disgruntled to herself, "we don't brush our teeth, we eat!"

Lizzie says to me, what does Red mean?
Me-What does bread/bred mean? means bread that you eat or animals…
Lizzie cuts me off, No! Red means stop
Me- Oh Red?! (laughing to myself at the obvious mistake I made. I should’ve known my daughter would be quizzing me on the things she knows. It’s not like it wasn’t obvious we were stopped at a red light)..yeah, Red means stop
Lizzie- let’s try again…

The radio was playing and a similar song came on. Lizzie always shouts out the songs she knows. She associates them with the dance game that her and her aunt Brooklynne play together and Brooklynne always shows her music videos of her favorite songs. (Not something I’m particularly fond about but 99% of the time there hasn’t been a problem) This song was playing and is actually one I like as well. I shouted out this is brookes favorite song
Lizzie-yeah, the man is naked, but the woman is not!(referring to the music video)
My initial response was surprise until I remembered myself what the music video was. For those that haven’t seen it. It’s not as bad as it sounds, trust me, but it still makes me think twice. Kids are so observant.

Lizzie saw the toy doll in the store; the one that is just a head in order for girls to play with the dolls hair. We passed by it and I hadn’t thought much about it until lizzie says, “Man, that’s creepy! She POPS she’s head off!”

I like when lizzie tries to explain her ailments to me using her medical terms. You’re all familiar with the “Tankaroo Bruise”. This time, she told me she had a headache in her throat.

Lizzie was bored one day when all we were doing was cleaning. Brooke had to clean her room and lizzie had already finished cleaning hers. She was asking to do anything. Let’s go to town. My mom said, not yet, bb’s still cleaning.  She came to me, mom, when are we going to town? 2 minutes?
Me-no, probably not for a couple hours, Grandma is making bb clean her room and it was a disaster.
Lizzie- 5 minutes?
Me-No not until bb is all done.
Lizzie-why does everyone keep telling me that?!

The other night, lizzie was in search of some jammies but she couldn’t find the bottoms to her top. She grabbed her ballerina tutu and said, “mom, Can we just pretend this is jammies?”
Lizzie got a tattoo in her Halloween candy and she wanted to put it on. I told her, okay, I’ll let you this time but you know I don’t like them, Our bodies are a temple. She then went to show grandma and came back to me. “Grandma says tootoo’s (tattoos) are bad.”  Yeah, we don’t like tattoos, they hurt your pretty skin, but it doesn’t mean the people that have them are bad. It was a perfect lesson opportunity.

We all went to help my brother and his wife stucco their house. We pulled up and Lizzie says, “what are they doing?”
Me-they are putting stucco on his house. It’s supposed to make it all smooth and pretty so they can paint it after.
Lizzie-you know what they oughta do? They should put sprinkles on it. That’d make it real pretty.”

I get after lizzie from time to time when she has a potty mishap (usually cause she’s too busy playing, she peeps a little in her panties). The other day, I must’ve been feeling generous, because she had a potty mishap and all I said, was, “well, you better hurry and take care of it.” (in my nice voice).
Lizzie was waiting on the toilet and I went in and said, what’s taking so long? You clean yourself up?
Lizzie pauses and looks up at me with a quizzical look, “mom, you’re not mad at me?!”

Grandpa was playing with Lincoln the other day and making him laugh a lot. Lizzie sat back and watched. When the laughter had paused, she smiled at grandpa and said, “grandpa, you’re so cute in the world!”

Lizzie spotted a pregnant woman literally huge and waddling around and lizzie says to me, “I think she can’t walk about her baby.”

Lizzie’s been doing this thing where she intentionally ignores me when I ask her to stop, it usually leads to timeouts and me exclaiming, “How many times have I told you not to do that?!” …Which then gets the response from lizzie, “ 1, 2,3,4,5 counting on her fingers just how many times.” Which is usually too many.

Lizzie is always the first to answer the phone or the door,she doesn’t do it as much now but sometimes I think her and Brooke think it’s the most fun game in the world, to see who can get there first. I didn’t get there in time the other day and I said, who was it? Lizzie says, a talkin’ Spanish girl.
Which leads me to this, lizzie seems to think she can speak Spanish these days and has been talking gibberish around the house. The other day, I heard Lincoln yell my name from the kitchen, Mom!!
I yelled back, what?!
Lincoln- Eh!! Pointing to something, me still not in the room.
My mom(Grandma)- Lincoln, how’s your mom supposed to know what you need if you just say Eh!
Lizzie- It’s Spanish, grandma!

I swear I have a hundred of these and they keep piling up every day. In fact, today, I found myself utterly entertained by my Lincoln as I watched him eat his cereal. I watched his sweet chubby cheeks fill with froot loops as he snarfed every bite.I listened to his sweet voice make yummy noises-mmm, slurp! And gulping the remaining milk in his bowl; Then mom! Mom! As he points to the cereal bag(no joke, he ate like five bowls of cereal this morning-first time he’s had froot loops with milk- loved them!) and the entertainment continued. Who ever thought there could be so much joy and satisfaction in watching my baby boy eat his cereal.
If you don’t all know by now, I love my kids!!

P.S. I will apologize now. I've been super busy with the holidays upon us already. So, if my posts are further apart and shorter-sorry! I will try my best to stay updated, because I think it's important, more so for my own sanity, but no guarantees for the next couple months at least. Love you all!
p.s.s. I tried posting pictures but my blog is not cooperating, maybe later.