Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Happy Birthday Shantelle, Dylan, Grandpa Jones and...oh yeah, Me!
Seriously though, If I didn't have lots of family and friends to remind me of my birthday, I would most definitely, forget it. So, here are a load of pictures mapping out the days plan. The Plans that Shantelle put together- I was just along for the ride.
First off, we had facials from our cousin who does Mary Kay. She was working on getting 100 facials in order to have her airplane tickets paid for so she could attend some Mary Kay function/convention of some sort, so we got all us girls and Guys (Yes, Rick got a facial) together for some pre-birthday fun. And then us girls played around with the make-up. I forgot how much I hate wearing makeup! but it was still fun and I love Mary Kays make-up remover!

 Then we had a special "Avengers" party time for the "Iron Man" lover, Dylan. Dylan's birthday is actually Today but we celebrated on the 29th all at once to make things more convenient for everyone else.

 Lincoln as the Hulk!
Here we have Thor, Hulk and Captain America

Lincoln as Captain America!
He hated the masks, by the way, he thought it more fun to pull them off.

 We had birthday Pie's instead of cake.

Shantelle made a Hulk Pinata for the kids. Here's Lizzie's massive swing at Hulk's head. Of all the kids, she really did give him his hardest hit.
 We went to Anti-Gravity after presents and pie

 I kicked Rick's trash racing him through this obstacle course!

Lizzie did about a hundred somersaults.

Here's a video

The next day, Rick took me out for a date

It was a great Birthday, spent with some of my favorite people!

P.S. Happy Birthday Kelly!!

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