Monday, March 25, 2013

No way!!

No way! A moment of free time, just when I was thinking it didn't exist.
I've been thinking a lot of some things happened recently in my life and I'd like to share. About a month or so ago, an older gentleman in the ward, with trouble walking and a heart of Gold, was finally baptized and made a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He's sneaking up on Eighty I believe. He was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost one Sunday for all the ward to witness. I was happy to be apart of that experience with him. I don't know the man well, just from the things Rick has told me, but he's a soft, gentle looking man and there was a light that entered his self that day. I couldn't hold back the tears of joy I felt for this stranger.
A couple weeks after he was baptized, his son died. His son was not LDS to my understanding and yet,
A couple weeks ago he received the Aaronic Priesthood and this last Sunday he blessed the sacrament. I couldn't hold back then even more so than when I witnessed one of the best days of his life, I'm sure.
I have seen the change in this man and it has been pure inspiration to me. The courage he must possess, the strength, and truth he holds--it is remarkable to me. I find myself invested in this man's happiness more so than any other stranger I have been merely acquainted with.
I find myself even more invested in some special individuals in my life, whom I have the pleasure of seeing either day by day, once every few months, or every now and then in passing. I have come to know them well and love them with a love so sincere, it comes from a deeper part of my heart. I am grateful to these people for keeping me on my knees and Ernest in my conversations with the Lord. They are a strength to me whether they know it or not.

Rick has been reading some books by William George Jordan, someone I recommend everyone look up and read. I've just began reading his stuff and I'm captivated by his understanding and clarity of things and even more so, the beauty of his speech. Here's a small excerpt from the book I'm reading now, "The Crown of Individuality".

"THE supreme courage of life is the courage of the soul. It is living, day by day, sincerely, steadfastly, serenely,—despite all opinions, all obstacles, all opposition. It means the wine of inspiration for ourselves and others that comes from the crushed grapes of our sorrows. This courage makes the simplest life, great; it makes the greatest life—sublime. It means the royal dignity of fine individual living."

Easter celebrations are coming up and so I'll be posting again soon enough (and with pictures), but for now, my thoughts, hopes, and prayers and wishing good things for all of you!! All my Love

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