Thursday, October 4, 2012

Politics??...and better things

I watched the Presidential Debate with Rick last night. It was fun and rather satisfying watching Romney stick it to the President. It's plain and simple, I will NOT be voting for Obama!
Now, I've never been much of a political person, in fact, I hate politics but Rick follows it and it has been absorbed into my life. More so with this election than any before, I've been much more involved. I've actually looked into it all myself, which is something I never thought I would find myself doing. Thanks to Rick, I know more than I would like to know about political happenings, but I'm also grateful to know it. I will Not vote for Obama!!
Watching the debate last night was like watching Cotton Candy vs. Meat and Potatoes. Romney being the meat and potatoes-he had SUBSTANCE. It was fulfilling and refreshing. Cotton candy has no substance, which of course is also in reference to the fact that Obama has Nothing. He has nothing to show since he's been made president. He's done no good, so of course, he was caught with his tongue tied and a finger on the repeat button.

Okay, that will probably be the most you will ever hear me talk of politics, but I can't say it enough- I will NOT vote for Obama!!!

Now that I've said my piece, I will move on to brighter things...
I took my kids to the park the other day and we had a blast, I'm loving this weather and can't wait for it to get a bit cooler.

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