Thursday, October 18, 2012


Who wants Cheese?!...Carlos does....the mouse in the house???

First off, we get little field mice in Diamond Valley and they are actually kind of cute but still totally freak me out because I know the kinds of germs they carry, my kids absolutely adore them. Just about every year we get one stuck in the window well. The first mouse we saw this year was a couple weeks ago climbing on the screen in my window. It was a fun thing for the kids to name it and watch it climb around. They even dropped some ginger snaps in the window well to feed it but he didn't like em. It was fully our intention of getting him out at one point and letting him free or even killing him--ssshhh!! don't tell my kids I said that, but they just keep coming back and getting stuck AGAIN!
Here's Carlos

I had my kids in the bathtub the other night when we saw the shadow of another mouse hanging out with Leo, the Lizard that lives in that window well in the bathroom. Lizzie excitedly yelled, open the window-I want to see him!!
I opened it, knowing that the last time it was opened the screen was still in tact, but soon realized it no longer was when the mouse climbed threw the tiniest hole in the screen and was in the house, just like that. If you can imagine I screamed and slammed the window shut right on the mouses head!! No joke.
Or so I thought. I retrieved my kids from the bathtub as soon as my heart stopped pounding so fast and we got our pajamas on and ready for bed. Lizzie went into the bathroom to brush her teeth when I hear, "MOM!!! There's the mouse!!! It's in our house!!"... "and it's starring right at me!...Awww!!! It's So cute!!!
I ran in there and sure enough, he was terrified, hiding behind the soap dispensers on the counter.
He must've climbed through the mechanism in the window, realizing it didn't click when it shut, therefore not shutting entirely. Probably because his head got in the way-too bad I didn't push harder. I grabbed the mug that was there on the counter and started to think....Holy Mouse in my house!! How the heck am I gonna catch him?! this point he had ran back to the window and was hiding behind some cologne in the window seal. So, I cleaned my bathroom as I thought of what to do and then, I laughed as the thought came to me-cheese!
My thoughts: Cheese?! Really?? Really??? That's your brilliant idea? How could you not laugh at yourself when you think you could actually catch a mouse with cheese. That may be how it is in the movies but in real life, fat rat chance!
Then I looked over at Lizzie whose eyes were wide with excitement and adventure and I thought what the heck-it would make for a fun adventure. I told Lizzie the plan and we rushed to get some cheese!
I said, we'll just stick the cheese in the back of this mug here and when he smells it, he'll climb in and then we'll flip it over on top of him and he'll be trapped in the mug for good.
So, we placed it in the window seal and then left the room for a few minutes. When we came back, he was back behind the soap dispensers-Dang it! He didn't fall for the whole cheese thing, he went right past it! So, I began to think again and decided I wanted to keep him in the bathroom at least until Rick got home to dispose of the thing. So I scooted the toothbrush holder closer to the soap dispensers making sure he wouldn't find a way to squeeze between them and then we placed the mug down on the other side and I went to sit down and wait when...what! suddenly the mouse was making his way back toward the window when he walked directly into my mug and was Eating the Cheese!!! "Nobody move", I whispered and Lizzie froze in anticipation. I flipped and scooted(making sure the tail had gotten inside as well, and then opened my eyes (haha! just kidding about that last part). WE DID IT!!
 Cute little guy, right?
 Not Cute enough to keep!!

Victory Smiles!!!
Shortly after capturing the mouse, we placed a book on top to ensure no way of escaping and then Lizzie in her sweet, pleading voice says, " We don't have any pets..Can we keep him, pleeeeaaasee!!"
No need for me to tell you what I said.

 Rick was home not too long after but late enough that Lizzie had already grown an attachment to the mouse. she was sobbing sad when daddy took him away. She cried, "I will miss my mouse friend". I assured her he would be back again soon, no doubt. if not him, his brother or sister.
And sure enough, we saw one of them darting out from under one of the flower bushes the other day. 
As for Carlos, the mouse that live(s), no live(d) in my window well, peeked his little head in through my blinds as I was laying in bed working on a blanket. My scream scared him back into the window and rick hurried and shut it! Looks like I won't be opening my windows for a while. We had just fixed the screen! I thought for sure I was safe to have it opened but those dang mice just keep eating through them...took Carlos a while to figure out how though. Anyway, I found him dead this morning..RIP..let's see how long it takes for the next one to come along...

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