Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

About five weeks before Halloween, Lizzie came to me and said she wanted to be a Pirate-Arg!! Her aunt BB was going to be a pirate and she wanted to be one too! I said, maybe, hoping she would change her mind and want to be something with the rest of us. I thought we could have a cute themed family costumes, like Tangled, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel, and the Thug from the Duckling pub....already thinking in the back of my mind, how incredibly difficult it was to put it all together, and dreading the time and creative thought it would take me for this years idea. I came across this new place in St. George only a few days after Lizzie's pleadings for a pirate costume. It's a wholesale place run by a cute couple and only on certain days, I happened to pick a good day because they were open. We were exploring the place, not thinking too much about the slim pickings that were left, but the more we dug, the more great stuff we found. amongst it all, Rick left with a new, warm weather wardrobe and Lizzie had found the perfect Pirate costume!
(Came with the costume, hat, boots and gloves. The sword was a $2 find at Wal-Mart and she made that treasure chest trick or treat box a long time ago for a birthday treasure hunt which just so happened to be prefect with her costume!)

I love Good buys which is why I was even more excited to find Lincoln's costume at the D.I. It cost me $2 for a shirt and some red sweats. The shirt was a tad big so I sewed it in and the pants were perfect especially for the chilly weather. I also happened to grab another children's red pants for $1 just in case Lincoln sweats didn't fit him and had planned to just sew them in as well. The next day I sewed his shirt and tried the sweats on Lincoln to see how we did. It was a perfect fit! Maybe a dollar's worth of felt later, I had Lincoln's entire costume finished. We had some big boy panties for when potty-training will be coming just around the corner, so the total cost of Lincoln's costume was about $3

So, that extra pair of children's pant I mentioned earlier, I had put those on as a joke one night- they fit more like tights on me. So....This year, I happened to find my costume unexpectedly...
I had the underwear and the boots already an I bought a long sleeve red shirt at wal-mart for $7 and my left over felt from Lincoln's costume and a pair of tights cut apart and turned into gloves and I had my costume for a total price of $9.

I tried, Oh, how I tried to get Rick to wear an Incredibles costume OR even a pirate costume to go along with Lizzie, but he was a grumpy pants-he just wasn't satisfied with my findings...

some long johns that could've worked, were just not good enough ;)  ....I don't blame him. But I still searched high and low for stuff that would work, it just didn't pan out-better luck next year!
So, as you can see, I get really excited about Saving Money with all my large prints of steals. Which made this Halloween, that much more fun to enjoy!! Happy Halloween and Frugal Savings to the rest of you!

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