Friday, August 24, 2012

The Darley Reunion

This Trip was an exceptional one except for the traffic I had to drive in- it was totally worth it though and you'll see why.
One of the first things my kids did when we got to grandmas...

 Then it was on to the toys which were out the entire trip, this old whistle toy being one of them

 The Darley Reunion-The last of the several reunions we've had this summer. It's been a good summer at that... The Darley reunion was So much Fun!! Lizzie went a hundred miles all day, never stopping to take a breath. She made a friend, Charlie, and they remained attached to the hip the rest of the day.
 This is them going down the blow-up slide.
 Lincoln with his sunscreen hairdo

 Just chillin with the rest of us
 except when he was checking out the goat
 and chasing Addison around
 That is until she started hugging him
 Here's some people you may recognize
 Go Grandma Lizzie!!!

 Grandma Great is Awesome!!

There's Us: Lizzie, Jas, me and Lincoln
 Oh, don't forget the bouncy house

 Love this picture!

 Lizzie said she wanted to buy this goat.
Now some fun pictures of the barn-so totally cool and a bit creepy

 This is a cat skull.....we found the body across the barn. the CREEPY part.

Such a Fun trip!! So glad me and the kids went.

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Kelly said...

Aww. Love to see picture of the extended fam! So jealous. :)