Saturday, August 4, 2012

Made some Changes

Rick has been working on vehicles A LOT these days. First, my car, which unfortunately gave up it's ghost and now his truck. He fixed the fuel pump here in these pictures. My hero and handy man!

I love a greasy, hard working man. Haha!!

Lizzie tried out a dance class to see if she liked it. I think it was more fun for me to watch her. Her aunt Jennie was teaching the class so it was even more fun. Lizzie really liked it!

This is a short video clip of one section of the routine they learned.
Here's a little longer one where the painters (the girl's with streamer paintbrushes-Lizzie being one of them) painted the statues. 

Also, even more exciting ...I GOT A NEW CAR!!

I know this is a weird and random post but it was quick and in the middle of doing like a hundred other things, so a new phone, new car, and new adventures...I wonder what's next.

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Kelly said...

Ooooh! I love your car! Also, I think Lizzie is a total babe in that last picture. Hah! :)