Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a Treat

It is such a treat to me that I get to be home with my kids and do all the mommy things that I do. They make me smile, laugh, love every day. A few of the things I get to do and enjoy with my kids from day to day.
  As I've mentioned before, Lizzie is a baker at heart. She LOVES to cook with me, which I really love. Today she woke up and said, let's make cupcakes and I said let's make caramel apple cheesecake bars (a recipe I have been eyeballing for sometime now). In the morning, after breakfast, is the time we usually take to prepare a dessert for after dinner. We don't normally pop it into the oven until we are sitting at the table eating dinner- that way it's fresh but this one you serve cool so cooking it in the morning was perfect.

That's not my big thumb by the way- That would be Rick pouring the caramel all over his dessert. This dessert was more for Rick than for me so I think I was more excited to see him try it than I was to try it myself. I'm not a baked fruit kind of gal so the apple part didn't really appeal to me, but even I liked it.
  To go on with Time spent well, aside from my attempts at running while pushing my kids in the stroller, we have another regular exercise routine we like to do- Have any of you tried "Just Dance 2"??

Yeah, needless to say, my kids love it and I'll admit, I kind of do too.
    More recently, there's been more time spent outside playing and working hard. The kids playing...

(Haha! I should've cropped my skinny chicken legs out of this picture)

  ...and the guys doing all the hard work.

They're making a playhouse with the scraps from Dustin and Jennie's (my brother and sister-in-law) wedding dance floor. If you were wondering.
   Other than that, Lizzie is going through her little girl phase of Not wanting to help me clean. (she used to be so good about it or maybe now it's just Not wanting to clean when I want her to clean). Lincoln likes to double my load by his enjoyment of pulling the dishes out as I put them in and pulling my clothes apart just as I fold them. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.  All included...I LOVE MY JOB!
   Sorry there's no update on the running for now- I hurt my back and it has consumed my thoughts. The moment I think of doing anything physical, my Back reminds me how much it hurts--when did I get so old?!
   So, these are things my day consists of most often and I wouldn't change a thing!

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Kelly said...

Dang cute pictures! Sorry you hurt your back. Take care of your old self! lol.