Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Organized Chaos...and the moments that give us a perfect excuse to run away from it

In my attempts to Simplify my life over the last week, I realized why I felt the need to do so...This is my scattered self:
   I'm in the middle of five books, all of which are great books. So, I'm having a hard time picking the one I want to eliminate for the time being.
  My projects are endless which I wish was not the case- 3 crocheted afghans (1/3 of the way through each one), several pages of scrap-booking, 2 baby seat covers that need to be sewn, 1 baby blanket, about 2 or 3 patchwork quilts, bags of fabric scraps for baby bow flowers, and need I go on...this is giving me a head ache.

   I think I have a problem and just one of them is that I hate wasting. So your small measly scraps of fabric left over from saving a perfectly suitable piece of fabric for a quilt square, is then turned into another scrap of fabric for a small flower that can be used for a hair clip, which Lizzie can wear (Wow! Talk about run-on sentence). My point is, why don't I just throw away those bags of fabric scraps like any Sane person would do?! I don't know.
  So, you can see why I Need to simplify a bit....and there will come a day when I will finally decide to throw out a bag of scraps, but maybe not today. HAHAHA!! Aside from my organized Chaos...Thankfully, there are things that keep me from drowning in all of it. For example- My kids! -my wonderfully, needy, funny, beautiful babies. I have them to thank for pulling me away from the insanity to a different kind of insanity. A better kind of insanity, when it's filled with moments like these

Tea Party Time

In the midst of chaos, I find a way to smile, laugh, and love the moments that make it all worth it.

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Kelly said...

Aww! Look at Lincoln! So cute. I love sleeping babies! :D