Monday, May 28, 2012

Midnight 5K

Well, It was the Midnight 5k this last weekend. It started Friday at 11pm and went until a little after 12am. My goal was to have a better time than I had the first year I did this race...and I DID IT! I beat my 2009 midnight 5k time and I beat my best time I've had just in training. So that made it totally worth it.
To begin though, I was So nervous, my hands were shaking. I don't know why I get nervous but the Huge crowds of people don't help. There was over 700 people there (That's much bigger than my first year doing it). They also make it more official now with the shoe clips that keep track of your time. The first place kid came in with 5 minute miles. He completed the race with 15 minutes and something. The top female to cross the line was a 14 year old girl and she passed with 21 minutes and some. I came in at 23 something with 7 and a half minute miles....and there was no puking on my end this year. Happy Face!!
There turned out to be a couple of downfalls to this race though, unfortunately...First of all, I didn't get anyone to run the race with me. I felt So Awkward, standing around all by myself. It also felt like there were a hundred eyes on me at all times. The wind was crazy! ..and I managed to lock my keys in the truck with my phone!! Yep! Total lapse of thought there...
      On the upside, I made a friend. Her name was Kim... And I ran into an old college ward friend (the same friend I ran into at the last midnight 5k I ran-only he wasn't running it then. He was there helping with the paramedics). He turned out to be my life saver (no pun intended)- He found me a phone to call Rick to come rescue me and he made the next half hour after I finished the race go by extremely fast for me.
    So, for future reference, I'm not sure I'll run it again unless I have some people to run it with me. It's definitely more fun when you have someone to cheer for and someone who cares what time you come in at. But I had fun nonetheless. My overall standings were:
                                           Me- 67th place with 621 people running
                                                    15th place in Gender
                                                  4th place in Age group
     Other than the race. I ended up getting home around 2am because of the key locking stupidity and Rick and I played in a volleyball tourney that same morning. When I got home, needless to say, I couldn't get to sleep. So, Rick and I played some awesome volleyball games after me getting maybe 2 hours of sleep. We played with another couple, friends of ours from the co-ed league we played in earlier this year. We placed 2nd and had a blast. Best Weekend Ever!!

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