Monday, May 14, 2012

Entering New Territory

The other day, I rushed Lizzie into the MEN's bathroom. Yep! I'm pretty sure I came out a Bright shade of Red. I could have sworn the women's bathroom was on that side the last time I was there, but the Big white urinals are a sure sign That I was not in the right place!
I laughed my way back to the right bathroom and swatted Rick in the arm for not warning me of my idiocy.
   On a different note, I feel as though I'm entering New territory with Lizzie and it's kind of nerve-wracking for me for reasons I can't explain. I'm an amateur mom and Preschool and play-dates, and all the extra-curricular  are kind of intimidating to me. Has any other parent felt this before?! It's really been bitter-sweet for me to even think about. So, as I'm writing this, I get a call from a mom/friend in the ward asking if Lizzie can come play with Jessica.
"Of course", I say, because any chance I can get to have Lizzie get together with kids her age is going to help. This is something I'm not good at, arranging play-dates or get together's.
I have to laugh at this next thing because if I don't I may cry, This mom has gotten to know well enough that she knows I have no transportation aside from a kids stroller, a bike or walking/running to get my way around Diamond Valley. I have become a charity case, and my Proud self doesn't care to be called a charity case but I also don't mind the exercise and the friendships I've made through car pool services.
My point though, is that as I talked with her about Preschool and my own feelings of inadequacy, she gave me just the advice I needed! It was so nice to hear and I'm feeling So much better about this new territory I'm entering. It will bring me out of my oh-so-comfortable bubble I've made for myself and my kids but I think it's about Time.
As a side note, I am truly grateful for the ladies in the Valley. The friendships I've made. I am surrounded by wonderful women and it's entirely Intimidating, but inspiring. Lots of Thanks to them.


Cambra said...

I ran into the men's room at school once. I walked in and thought to myself "weird, there is no purse ledge" then I looked at the urinals and instead of putting it together thought "why in the world are all the toilets broken and not in stalls?" then I realized and high-tailed it out of there. Luckily there was no one in there!

Kelly said...

Shay! you as too funny! And I hope you are not feeling inadequate in any way because you are my inspiration! If you are feeling that way, just imagine how I feel! :)
I love you!