Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bike Riding Red Neck Zombie

Well, I've been meaning to post for this week but I've been dealing with a very sad baby. He got a bug and has some serious poopy issues. Poor thing! I really just want him to get better already. He's losing all his cute baby fat...and I'm losing a Lot of sleep, hence the zombie reference. You may have noticed the grammar, punctuation, etc, in my last post, being really awful. I never did recover from last weekend because when I got back from the volleyball tourney, Lincoln was sick and it's been a gruesome week since. For the first few days, I literally smelt like poop- I'm sure you all want to know this, but it's my life- deal with it! So, by day three of smelling like poop, looking at everything and thinking it was poop...well, I made up a poop poem. Something silly I would say to Lincoln every time I was changing his diapers. No, I won't tell you what the poem was because I forgot it. I think I have intentionally blocked it from my memory.
Hahaha!!!  I just realized that if you've read this far, you've read an entire paragraph on POOP! ...and well, I just wrote an entire paragraph on POOP! You can tell I'm still suffering from sleep deprivation.
     Unfortunately, all of this and more has gotten in the way of me being able to run so far this week, but yesterday, somehow, my mom talked me into riding bikes to town. I wasn't sure about it but we did it anyway. I pulled the kids behind me in the bike trailer. We ended up getting started later in the day so it was Hot and then when we got started, I realize the wind is blowing pretty good Against us, We get down to town in about 40 minutes and we were stopped by the large construction crew working at the bottom of the hill. "Sidewalk closed", the sign says, before we made it to our destination. So, here we are sitting at the chuck-a-walla trail head under the tiny bit of shade available, waiting for our ride. Then we get a call saying our ride had just been rear-ended and it might be a little while before he gets to us. So there you have it- Our wonderful idea was hot, windy, closed, and caused an accident.
   We ended up getting my dad to come get us instead, with his beasty work truck that has no ac and only fits three. Yeah, it was totally illegal and brought back a whole lot of my redneck childhood memories. Pretty funny, actually.
I'd say we had a few more red neck moments with me climbing a tree in my bathing suit and buying a frozen yogurt Mountain (because when you get what you can fit on the cup, it's still just a dollar) at the Maverick. Who am I kidding! My family is So red neck.
  All things considered, I got a great workout and I was able to return my redbox that Rick forgot to take back earlier that day....And let's face it! I laughed A Lot.

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