Wednesday, September 2, 2015

School Carnival

We all had so much fun at the School carnival. The kids played their little hearts out and Rick and I got to chat with great friends in the valley. It was beautiful out and it couldn't have been a more perfect day.
Random note: Rick and I had a good chuckle when not one, but two people randomly told me I looked like the girl, Kate, from the television series, Lost. I literally asked the second guy that said that to me if he was in cahoots with someone and they were trying to prank me. Haha!

Face Paint Tattoos

Linc trying to give a thumbs up about how cool his snake is

Linc wanted to climb but realized he didn't want to anymore after only making it up like one step, if that. Haha! Poor kid. Dad tried to talk him into climbing more. Wasn't going to happen.

 Lizzie was squealing with each climb a little higher. 
She entertained the whole crowd watching.

Aunt Beebs went the same time my kids too. 
I think it motivated Lizzie to keep going.

This girl knows she's CUTE!!

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