Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mother's day

My dad had made a suggestion to us all this year. He wanted my mom to feel loved and appreciated and so he asked that if we all felt like writing a little something for her that it would go a long ways in showing her that we cared. So, I got to writing. I am not a poet. I loved poetry as a kid and even gave my hand a try at it in high school and maybe even college but it just wasn't in the stars for me. Either way, I still managed to come up with this little tid bit for my mom on this special day this year.

What Mothers Do Best
By Shayanne Snodgress

The things you did
…I never knew
The time, the sacrifices
They are no Little things
They were Proof

The things you’ve seen, or touched or cleaned
The puke, the poop, the undiscussed few
You did it all- you saw it through

From diapers to dirty undies
From skinned knees to broken hearts
You shared the pain
You wished you could take it away

You did what you did
As proof to us all that you cared
You taught, you showed
You did…
 what mothers do best.

You Loved us.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mother's out there.

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