Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Summer is here! And we are loving it...

 I can't seem to take enough pictures of this Girl

Every now and then, I find Penny on my phone and it always makes me smile. 
She's learning to take selfies at a very young age.

Playing blocks with Linc. 
He always looks away just as I take the picture

We were driving behind the strip mall one day when Rick spotted the tiniest desert tortoise in the gutter. We decided to rescue it and move it to a safer location.

We met up with the Felshaws, my sister's family after and the kids had a blast at Costco, trying out the shed they had set up there.

 Just some good old family time


 Some time at the park before having Emmy over for her first sleepover

 Just because she's so stinkin' cute. 
I love when she finds her pockets.

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