Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Catching Up

I have been really bad this year to stay organized with my blogs. I've been busy and I feel like most of my time is tending to the needs of my kids and the house. I love doing exactly that but I have always felt it's important for me to write, so I need to work on doing that more regularly. I have jotted a few things down from time to time but not like I used to. Even though I'm not entirely sure when I had wrote these things down, I'd still like to share and I know they are within this year.

We were in the theater watching a movie as a family when someone's phone alarm went off and starting whistling. Penny immediately jumped off her seat and said, "time to get Lizzie!"...It was the exact same alarm I have set on my phone that tells me when I need to pick Lizzie up from school. It was funny but kind of hard to explain to Penny in the middle of the movie, that it wasn't mommy's phone and that Lizzie was sitting next to daddy. She was so determined to get Lizzie from school that she didn't even want to listen to me or acknowledge that her sister was sitting only a few seats down from her. I had to laugh though.

Lizzie has set up a few water or lemonade stands...yes, I said, water. And it was on a day that it was probably going to rain, haha! But I didn't want to be that mom that discouraged my kids from following their dreams. She made 25 cents that day. Back to what I was going to say though, She has decided that she'd like to become an Astronaut that owns a water, lemonade, and potion shop where people, especially herself, can sing. She also plans to park her Rocket there too. :)

Lincoln is always looking for a good laugh. If something funny happens, He has to repeat it to someone and makes it more like a joke. It was a series of things that had me and him giggling and he had to repeat everything that happened. Only he told to me, who it had happened to and then said, " It's like a joke...a Long joke!. Haha!! It had me laughing again.

Lincoln has also been into shortening everybody's names. He just happened to call his Uncle Ducky a little something different the other day and I think it has sparked something in him, to think of shorter names for everyone. He had called his uncle Ducky, " Hey Duck! and  Bam, Now Papa is "Pop" and you get the idea. The best part is that he thinks he's pretty clever and finds it funny.

This one was this morning as I got the kids ready for school. Linc didn't want to jump in the shower but he really needed to so I said, well, I'm not letting you go to Preschool smelling like that. Lizzie whispered in my ear, "Let me handle this"...and with her sternest  voice, She said, Linc! If you don't shower, you won't get breakfast!...And we know how much you Loooove breakfast!". I thought it more funny because earlier that was the same way she got him out of bed. He really loves breakfast!

That's all for now!

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