Thursday, September 3, 2015


Rick and I finally made it to Lowes and then walked out happy with each other. We went just to get some ideas of what to do with our house when we build. In the past, a Lowes or Home depot trip meant a waste of a couple hours. We couldn't agree on one thing!!! It was rough.   But this trip was Fun and it went smoother than any other and I think we got the most accomplished here too. I made into a game and kind of knew that would be the only way we'd both be leaving the store alive. We split up. We set the timers on our phones and we went different directions, taking pictures of the things we liked. After twenty minutes, we met back up and showed each other what we had. The funniest thing happened. We finally realized we liked most the same things, we just couldn't find the right way to communicate it to each other before, but right then we were seeing just how similar we were both thinking for our home. It was a relief! We both left Lowes, feeling like we accomplished something and we were happy with each other. Yay!

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