Friday, July 10, 2015


Temple Night/Double date
Rick and I had names we needed to go through the temple for and asked Telli and Brogan to come along with us and help with some of the names. We went out to dinner after and ran into some friends from the Valley. So Naturally, we took pictures to make it look like Rick was eating Paige's head.

Since Rick's new calling. I've had more time with my kids after church, watching movies and waiting  for Dad's return. Linc is also getting better at going to his classes and I had to take a picture of his Sunbeam crown that he refused to take off even after getting home from church.

It's always Fun when the Felshaws come
We went on a family four-wheeling ride in the valley. It was freezing but so much fun!

 Beebs decided to do a cute photo shoot with my Linc and she got some pretty cute shots of him.

 Emmy's Birthday Party!

Penny has been obsessed with this rocking horse. She says "yeehaw" as she rocks so hard she about topples over with every rock backward. And the way she says horsey and Neighs is maybe one of the most darling things I've heard.

Lincoln has spent countless hours playing with his tracks this month

 I played in a tournament in Cedar City with these gals. I think it was the first time I have ever been the oldest one on the team. It was an interesting realization but still loads of fun

Here he is- a working man!

 And here's his son, goofy as ever....

 with Penny following in his footsteps
 This is what happens when dad "watches" the kids

 I really get a lot of enjoyment out of watching this one eat sometimes. This bagel got the best of her, I think.

We've really enjoyed watching My dad and Rick play church basketball this year. Our ward has a great team and I'm sure they will take it all the way.
P.S. Penny makes the best cheerleader!

There are some things I can't live without and it's some Me time and time with my kids
 their bath time is something I quite enjoy-nothing better than a squeaky clean kid...

 And a sleeping one

We've been visiting a lot of Model homes lately, getting ideas and shopping around. These kids enjoy the staged homes and in this case, had fun checking out the shower.

A day with dad at the park was a perfect idea...they don't get enough time with daddy

One of mine and my kids favorite things to do is go watch Rick play in his basketball leagues. Hes started playing again with a really great team and he's had a blast with it. I love cheering him on and my kids love having competitions who can make it around the track the fastest or who can pull themselves to the end of the bench the fastest.

This same night, I had a 15 year old boy ask me out on a date and I laughed, loudly, and then asked him which of his friends put him up to doing that. He was bright red with embarrassment and shyly said something as he practically ran from me. It was clearly a prank of some kind but the poor kid was so embarrassed, I started thinking I should've played that out a little more playfully and went along with it just to make it a bit easier on him. I'm sure his friends got a big kick out of it and hopefully, he wasn't too traumatized by the whole thing. 

And a few more for kicks and giggles

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