Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I like to sneak in some park play any chance I get especially if daddy comes along

This girl loves Shoes!! It was one of her first words and her biggest obsessions. She'll try on anyone's shoes and we are constantly finding shoes left everywhere around the house
 After a long day

This is probably way TMI but we had one particular night when the family was super gassy and Linc couldn't have been more funny about his reactions especially since he's the stinkiest in the family.

Its a rare thing to see this girl sitting still and this particular time, it was quite cute. She was reading to her bear, that is until mom ruined it by taking pictures which explains her running away from me.

We thought we'd get all that hair out of her face- Can you say Cindy Lou Who!

 Once Linc photobombed us, we got a little camera happy

Here's a couple pictures of Rick, taking selfies. He gets points for any exercise selfies he takes. Just a little something his work does.

Some time at the park is always a good idea

So, Rick had a little accident on the way to work. It could've been worse and I'm just glad he's okay. Some one left a small boulder in the middle of the highway and since it's been dark when Rick drives to work, he didn't have time to dodge it once he saw it. It literally broke the tire in half. Never seen anything like that happen before. Thankfully, Insurance takes care of it all and Rick is fine.
Also, a huge thanks to the ladies that loaned him their running light to fix the problem. It's nice to know there's still good people around.

Occasionally, we get some time to do something fun with friends in the ward. This was a blast because Amanda and Jeff Roberts and their freakin cute kids are just SO much fun! And who doesn't like a good hike to the white sands?!

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