Tuesday, July 21, 2015


There's Nothing like Bubble wrap to make a person happy, including myself

 I came into the kitchen and found Penny holding the nipple onto the bottle in order for her to drink the water she had put inside of it. It actually wasn't leaking really. She must have had a tight grip and of course, she thinks she's pretty clever

We love picnics!

With this time of year, come the colds and fevers and sick bugs but that also means I get extra cuddles
 Who says you can't be happy and goofy even when your sick

My newest paint projects for a later date

This Jeep has definitely paid off with all the fun it has brought. Linc loves giving rides and loves his jammie shirts. I'm trying to convince him they aren't everyday clothes.

More cousin fun time. This is Lizzie with her big heart bringing home treats for everyone from school-usually the juice boxes she saves from lunch and breakfast.

Penny LOVES her big sister!!

The lot we hope to get

 Penny was copying my every move one day, so we decided to have some fun with it. Ignore wet shower hair and no makeup

We got snow! And lots of it- nine inches!

On the days we do nothing, we have great style

Relief Society Fun at our house. My mom is in the Relief Society Presidency and with that comes the occasional activities held in our garage. We made Picture frames and it was great fun.
One of my besties, Amanda Roberts.

My kids can never have enough bubbles in their bath. Beards, mustaches, and hairy eyebrows are always a must when there's bubbles.

This one is always big smiles...

 Except when she gets plastered with heart stickers

Happy February!!

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