Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Valentines Day!

Rick planned the sweetest Valentines date. I was completely shocked with the effort he put into it and loved every second of it. He took me to Rowdy's Range to shoot guns. I know that may not sound the most romantic date but it really was. And you'd have to be in my shoes and in my head to understand so I'll leave it at that. 

 This here is when we were laughing about the shell bouncing off his head
 And this is when I was lovingly teasing him about wearing Pink

 We shot up them zombies Real Good!
I also brought home a souvenir of one empty shell that made it down my shirt and into my bra. Good time and Good laughs!!

 I had tried to surprise Rick with some really great gifts but one gift he found a couple weeks early- whoops! I'll know to hide it better next time. And my second attempt came a bit too late in the sense, he had already gone out and bought it himself. So, for my third attempt, I think I may have finally got it right. On the side of what I got him, I had these poster pictures made up him from His Girls.
And made some frames for them with my dads help.

Do you see what they are?! If you can't then I didn't do it right. But Rick knew what they were and loved em! Finally successfully surprised him with something he wasn't expecting at all.

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