Friday, August 29, 2014

That was...Unexpected

What I thought would be a normal Friday turned into something quite different. Rick woke me just before my alarm went off to ask for help. I jumped up and saw what he was referring to....a puddle under our window sill on the carpet. My first thought, not having woken up entirely yet was, did one of the kids squat and pee in our room? That thought lasted a mili-second seeing that it was much larger and extensive as my feet felt it the moment they touched the floor. It was all the way to the end of our dresser-spongy, wet carpet.
Rick was filling up buckets and dumping them out. I helped him as he handed the buckets up from the window wells. We made a chain with two buckets, I dumped the water onto the grass as he filled up the next bucket. We did this for twenty minutes before Rick had to leave for work. We found a drowned tarantula, a friendly frog and a dead mouse among the buckets of water we had been sloshing around and scooping out.
I dropped Lizzie off and went to tell my mom. She had no idea. I didn't quite understand why our basement had flooded because it hadn't rained last night but when my mom heard, she knew exactly what it was- My dad had left the dripper-system on all night.
The handy man at the school was listening while I explained to my mom and generously offered to lend us the school fans. I was so very appreciative.
I went straight home and started on the craziness. My super cleaning self kicked into high gear and I was secretly thrilled to have an excuse to deep clean my bedroom and the kids room. I have been meaning to clean under my bed for so long and was tickled when I pulled up my mattresses and got to work. The funny thing was that it wasn't bad. It took me no time at all to clean it up. I guess I thought I was a dirtier person than I really am. Or maybe it's that I have a great imagination and I let it run wild the last ?? months. In that time I had pictured thousands of spiders and creepy crawling things among a dozen or so (missing) binkys and a few random misplaced objects but it was mostly just dust bunnies, one binky, Rick's scriptures and the lining from the bottom of our box springs. The old family cat used to climb inside and pulled the lining off of the box spring-just another thing I had planned to fix and NOW could-Wahoo! Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic when I say this- I was really excited about fixing it.
My dad came home soon after I pulled out most of the furnishings from the rooms. He helped with the rest and started sucking the water out with the carpet shampoo-er my mom recently invested in-looks like it was a good investment. We sucked out about 3 gallons of water from the kids room and probably double that from my room-- A LOT of water! Call us Redneck but we needed more weight on the shampooer to help suck the water out faster and better and so we hooked a bunch of my weights on to the top of it... Laugh all you want, it did the trick and saved us a heck-a-lot of time.
I figured I'd clean some more while I was at it and cleaned baseboards, windows, walls, and doors. You wouldn't believe all the boogers I wiped off the kids room walls-A disgusting habit I'm trying to kick Lincoln of. Honestly, I'm just glad he doesn't eat his boogers. I just wish he liked wiping them on toilet paper instead of the walls.
Once that was finished, it was time for Lunch. Yep, all of that before noon.
My back is aching and it looks like we'll be finding someplace else to sleep tonight but no worries. I'm sure everything will be back to it's usual placements soon enough.

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