Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Corn Fest Tournament

We played in the corn fest tournament this last weekend and it was crazy to say the least. There were a series of events that made it a day to not be forgotten. Starting with a player calling me to say she was sick and wouldn't be there. Five minutes into the first game of our first match, my mom rolls her ankle and is out for the entire tournament. We found a couple players to fill in but through no help from me because every person I knew was already playing or busy with other things. We played with Four and played well but still lost A LOT of games. It was a long day and we finally got some more of our players there, but that only meant we got to play a couple games with a full team before one more player rolled her ankle and swelled up like a balloon-craziness!! Our team was cursed and dropping like flies. I hurt my hip out of my own stupidity and felt like rolling over and dying but we played out the pool play and went on to the losers bracket with five players. This meant we would have to have the "Ghost rule" enforced which is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of but whatever. We played our way up to the championship game and would've won it had it not been for the ghost rule. It didn't matter. We played an awesome victorious game against our rival team and it was enough for me having just beat them. I went home happy, exhausted and only slightly bruised, burned and blistered. A Great Day in my books.

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