Monday, June 3, 2013

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars

Last night, Rick and I listened to our kids sing their versions of tinkle little star on the way home with huge smiles and happy hearts. Lizzie recited her version word for word so that Lincoln could get it right after she over heard him trying to sing it himself. Rick and I listened  from the front seat and couldn't help but smile. I said something to Rick when they were finished about how sweet it was and Lizzie over heard.

"Lizzie says, are you gonna go home and cry now?!"

Lizzie can sing word for word the healing song from tangled but still doesn't know all the words to twinkle little stars, which is Lincoln’s all time favorite. He knows most of the words and sings them cuter than you’ve heard any child sing them.
Rick and I got a couple of videos of Lincoln singing his favorite song. It's not the complete song but most, he usually does it better when there's not a camera pointed at him.
Lincoln loves birds and has to holler out, "Bird!" every time he see's one, the same thing goes for planes!

He's also learned a new little trick where anytime someone wants to "pound" with their fist, he tricks them and says "snail" while holding his fingers out as the antennas under the person's fist-it's something his grandpa taught him. He got such a big kick out of it that it stuck. That's what he does to Rick at the end of the second video.

One reason I never sit down at the computer is because my children like to climb up in my lap and prevent me from seeing the computer screen let alone get anything done. I started saying, nope, go get your own chair and Lincoln the other day went and did just that. He pulled a stool over next to me and climbed onto the stool And THEN climbed onto my lap.

Lizzie met her teacher and some classmates and got to see her classroom a few weeks ago. She had so much fun! Here she is ready to meet her teacher. She is going to love school.

Lincoln was being naughty to Lizzie and after I reprimanded him for hitting, he put himself in timeout. I found him in his corner or (timeout spot) just seconds later and couldn't help but smile. I said to him, oh, you’re in timeout for being naughty
Linc-yea (he then jumped up and began to follow me up the stairs)
I stopped and said, what are you doing? Are you ready to say sorry to your sister, he paused and thought about that for a moment and then said yea, grudgingly.
I started up the stairs some more and he continued to follow me which was the exact opposite direction of where his sister was.
I stopped again and said, you’re not going to say sorry?...Go say sorry to your sister !!”
Me-would you like a spanking instead?!
Linc-No, thank you J

Lizzie learned to do a braid now-something she has been working on for quite some time now. She was determined to get it right. I don’t know if I told you but she learned to do a ponytail on her tangled doll, her Auntie Angie gave her and she would practice on her “My lil Ponies” hair and of course, her moms hair and now she can do a braid. She says, “would you like me to do your hair like Tangled’s hair, mom?”

She now has a Rapunzel and Flynn Rider doll and she went around telling everyone that Rapunzel was her and Flynn was daddy and I am Mother Gothel. I’ll take it, because I still thought it was darling. She says she wants to marry someone like her daddy all the time.  She is the sweetest and such a good helper most days. She tolerates her brother's teasing most days and she teaches him a lot of things too. She is so excited about the baby coming and that makes me even more excited too.
I love my kids! They make me so happy and make me laugh on a daily basis. This is one proud mommy talking!

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