Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My baby boy is 2!

There's just no way my baby boy is TWO! When did it happen? How did it possibly go by so fast??..I had a moment the other day, lying in bed, thinking, I can't believe he's two! Did I miss anything? Have I taken things for granted?...I layed there thinking of all the precious moments that make Life SO worth living. The mornings, Lincoln sneaks into my room, climbs on my bed, gives me a kiss and says good morning!
The way he holds his fingers when he's concentrating harder on something. He did it when he nursed as a new born baby. His side-way look out of the corner of his eyes when he's being a goofball. His big head start before running and pummeling himself into your arms with the greatest hug following.
There are so many...I pray the Lord has a place to store all my favorite memories. One day, I can look back on them as a timeline of sorts. The very best moments of my life!
Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Baby Boy!
I love you Lincoln!

 Lincoln's monster Pinata I made for him
 His crazy (not at all how it was supposed to turn out) birthday cake

 Best shot ever!

 Blowing out the candles!
 Love Him!

Opening Presents!

Birthday Hugs!!

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