Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scottish Festival!

We had So much fun this last weekend @ the Scottish "Vegetable" as we all call it, thanks to sweet Isaac.
Wicked Tinkers were the second best thing to see there. Family tops em all...Oh, how we'd missed them.

We also visited the Planetarium (which the kids loved), Rode the "train" aka the trax (which the kids loved) and walked through City Creek mall and Temple Square. The day was perfect in every way and it only got better with the Scottish Festival and an outing to IHOP.
The kids had so much fun they didn't want to say good bye, They continued to shout their ba bye's and lub you's all the way down the street when it came time to head home. It broke my heart when Lizzie started to cry and said, "mom, I really miss grandma Lizzie already". With tears in my own eyes at this point, I said, "I really miss her too.
It's nice to know it won't be too terribly long before we get to see you all again. Love you all!!

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