Monday, June 17, 2013

Some of this and some of that...

About FOUR weeks and counting...I'm posting a pregnant picture, but only because I did with the first two and I'd feel guilty not doing the same for this one.

Lincoln wouldn't stop hiding behind my arm so there you have it.

I had an exceptionally good father's day. I got to hug and kiss on all the favorite men in my life. I've been so blessed and yesterday, I found myself to be one of the luckiest girls ever, getting to spend some time with all of them!

A little more of an update: I received my birth kit today! Eeeek! It's getting close. I sat down to watch a couple of tub birth videos the other day and within seconds my kids were right there next to me. I hadn't planned on letting them watch them but it actually turned into a very special moment for me. Linc was enthralled. These weren't just any ordinary birth videos. They were very well made and things were as to not frighten me or the kids. Haha!
Anyway, I had to get a picture...the longest and most still my Lincoln has sat EVER! He watched and when baby came into view, I cried and he gasped in Awww! and said, Baby, there!! He was so surprised. It was cute. Lizzie, on the other hand, had so many questions. We've had the sweetest conversations with her about all of it, both Rick and I. Simple but perfect answers to all her questions and she is so excited and quite impatient. She wants the baby here Now, of course.

Aside from baby news, we've been finding ways to have fun and stay occupied...every weekend has been filled with some trip somewhere or another fun-filled reunion or even just to get the kids out of the house. Lizzie and Linc had to check out the bikes at wal-mart on our last little outing...

 When she found out she had to earn a bit more money before she got a bike

This is how I found my Lizzie one morning after she woke TOO early and Watched cartoons until I got up. She likes to do that. She is like her dad, complains that she gets too much sleep. She loves the stars but hates the night because then she has to go to sleep. That's her words! She told me she wanted the stars to be in the day instead of night because then she'd have all her favorite things in one.

She either has "Turkey" (the duck's name) in a restraint or he's giving her a backwards Hug-You pick.

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