Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Only Smiles Today

Oh, I was dreading the run today but felt the idea of it pulling me to just do it! I've been sore since the Spring Opener this last Saturday and was thinking it was best to let myself recover from that before jumping into a long run. So, I convinced myself that today was the day to do that. It turned out great; better than I expected actually.  It was my farthest run yet. I had stopped to stretch at my half way point which was at a trail head just off the highway. The stretch was just what I needed- Oh, I LOVE stretching. But it also didn't hurt to sit and watch as the sun slowly started to hide behind the peak of the mountain I was starring at. I went to the biggest rock closest to me and stood on it. It took me back to a time when I went on a trail run with my friend Kami Beitler. The best part was when we made it to the top and looked out over all of St. George. Gorgeous!! She's been on my mind lately.
Anyway, I made a silly decision to take my kids on a bike ride after I got home. I ended up walking the bike and trailer up the giant hill I so cockily thought I could climb. It was fun though aside from Lizzie lecturing me about about how I was supposed to ride the bike up the hill not walk it. I flippin love that girl!

Notes to Self:
Earned a dollar in quarters found along the highway- a little present for Lizzie's piggy bank
Ran 4.75 miles; 50 minutes
(?)5-7 minute break
To the Trail head just before snow canyon park
Run/walk intervals on the way back
Beautiful, warm day

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