Thursday, April 26, 2012

Looking Forward

Rough week, but trying to work past it..I've been sick with a head cold... This is no ordinary cold, this is a cold that wants me to Die! I'm not the type of person to take medicine for it but I've had to this time around just in order to sleep. As proof to what it does to me.. Rick said I was talking in my sleep of  "Barnacles on my legs"...and..."Not wanting to Die".
So, all I wanted to do yesterday was lay in bed, watch handsome men like "HOUSE" and eat lots of Chocolate, but this only lasted so long. I made myself get up and begged Rick to come running with me. We did and it was an Awesome run! We ran four miles this time around but forgot to keep track of the time. It was fun and it felt great! It also made me feel okay about eating all the chocolate I had earlier in the day. When we got home, Rick had some YM's activities and meetings and I went to work in the kitchen. I tried a new "Baked Ziti" recipe and it must've been good, because there wasn't any left over. It's amazing how a good run can pick the day Up...but also hoping for better not-sick days soon.

Looking forward to this weekend. Grass Volleyball games today at the park and then a run with my good friend, Nicole Pead. Some more late night ladies volleyball on Friday and catching some Sand volleyball with my (very-missed) friend Kami Beitler on Saturday. I can't wait!


Kelly said...

You are so amazing to go running like that! You have such a great attitude, and your enthusiasm is contagious! I absolutely love how you describe every run in a positive way. Have you entered in a 5k yet? Would Rick run it with you?
kisses and loves,

Chris and Tara Stanley said...

I think I had the same head cold as you this past week. It was awful! Chris had it too and was also talking in his sleep. Funny!